How to Tell Better Stories with YouTube Bumper Ads
by Ana Gotter January 10, 2018 Video Ad Industry, Video Marketing, YouTube

If you’re going to be telling your story in attempts to raise brand awareness, would you rather do it in

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Can Your Small Business Benefit From YouTube Marketing?
by Ana Gotter October 03, 2017 Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, YouTube

Does your small business have a YouTube channel? If you’re like most SMBs, the answer to that question is no.

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The Best Video Players for Your Landing & Product Pages
by Ana Gotter September 05, 2017 Uncategorized, Video Marketing, Video SEO, YouTube

Once you’ve created those excellent product videos and landing page videos, what next? Next, you need to figure out how

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How to Generate Ideas for Unique Social Media Videos
by Ana Gotter July 13, 2017 Social Media Marketing, YouTube

Launching your social media video campaign feels exhausting and time consuming, but it’s not the most difficult part of the

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6 Different Types of Social Media Videos You Need to Be Using
by Ana Gotter June 13, 2017 Facebook, Instagram, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, YouTube

Close your eyes for a second, and think about the last social media video that you remember seeing. If you’re

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