How to Make an Effective Marketing Video Without Sound
by Anton Eliasson April 06, 2018 Video Marketing

There are many reasons to turn the sound off on social video. Perhaps you’re in a public place, at work,

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To maximize growth, put your video ads to the test
by Anton Eliasson April 03, 2018 Video Ad Industry, Video Marketing

Just a few years ago, testing in marketing was not the norm. In 2013, Steve Ebin, head of growth at

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How to Use Video Design To Increase Your Conversion Rate
by Anton Eliasson March 31, 2018 Video Marketing

A little video design can go a long way. Just ask bakery owner Matt Lewis, who used DIY design to

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How Dropbox, Wistia and Tracksmith Create “Snackable” Videos
by Anton Eliasson March 28, 2018 Video Marketing

For brilliant video creators, time has never limited creativity. Look at Vine. Vine’s 6-second limit and looping feature created a

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5 Things Customers Need to See On Your Shopify Store Before They Buy
by Ana Gotter February 28, 2018 Video Marketing

Online shopping is ridiculously convenient, making it a more popular option for a lot of people who are tight on

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