How to Use Video Marketing on Each Social Media Platform
by Ana Gotter July 11, 2017 Facebook, Instagram, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing

Facebook focuses on idea sharing, Twitter is all about broadcasting your thoughts, Instagram prioritizes the visually interesting, and Pinterest provides

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How to Add More Emotion to Your Social Media Videos
by Ana Gotter June 23, 2017 Facebook, Instagram, Social Media Marketing

One of the things that video does best is conveying emotion quickly and powerfully. You can see the expressions on

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6 Different Types of Social Media Videos You Need to Be Using
by Ana Gotter June 13, 2017 Facebook, Instagram, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, YouTube

Close your eyes for a second, and think about the last social media video that you remember seeing. If you’re

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Facebook Ad Rejection 101 – Infographic
by Anton Eliasson April 21, 2017 Facebook, Infograhics, Social Media Marketing

Facebook Ad Rejections 101 If you’ve ever gotten your Facebook ad rejected I’m sure you can empathize with this reaction:

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Video Creation Platform Shakr Named Facebook Marketing Partner
by David Lee March 30, 2017 Facebook, News, Social Media Marketing

Facebook chose Shakr as a trusted partner that offers services that are integral to successful Facebook advertising Shakr, the video creation

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