How Harvard University Grows With Facebook Video Carousel Ads
by David Lee February 02, 2017 Facebook, Social Media Marketing, Video Ad Industry, Video Marketing

AdWeek reported that Facebook was adding video creative to its Carousel Ads, to bring its most effective ad formats together. On it’s

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How this business decreased their CPI with 450% for $99
by Anton Eliasson August 17, 2016 Facebook, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing

As a marketer, you probably A/B test most things. The color of your buttons, call to actions, Facebook ads, your

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Social Media Video
Social Media Video: How to Get Results
by Logan Nickleson March 22, 2016 Facebook, Instagram, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Vine, YouTube

If you’ve been paying much attention in the social media sphere, you’re likely aware video has become a popular—and highly

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Instagram As A Marketing Tool – A Simple Guide
by Anton Eliasson February 12, 2016 Infograhics, Instagram, Video Marketing

Marketing videos are created to tell a story. But when making a video, marketers have several questions in mind. Like,

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How To Get Started With Facebook Video Retargeting
by Anton Eliasson January 22, 2016 Facebook, Social Media Marketing

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if each and every single visitor to your website slipped easily down the sales funnel and

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