4 Examples of “Boring” Businesses Crushing It On Social Media
by Ana Gotter November 15, 2017 Facebook, Instagram, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing

“Show your personality,” brands are told, “Find a way to make yourself unique.” We’re shown examples from professional comedians and

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Announcing Shakr Advertise!
by Anton Eliasson November 10, 2017 Uncategorized

Today is a proud day for the team here at Shakr. We’re happy to announce that we’ve rolled out a

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What is the Business-to-Human Movement and Why Does It Matter?
by Ana Gotter November 08, 2017 Video Marketing

Earlier this week, someone rear-ended me at 45 miles an hour and wrecked my car. As a result, I got

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SEO and Video: How Are They Connected?
by Ana Gotter November 02, 2017 Video Marketing, Video SEO

You may have heard that search engine optimization (SEO) tactics can benefit your video marketing campaigns. You may have also

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The 6 Tools from Facebook Marketing Partners You Need to Try
by Ana Gotter October 31, 2017 Facebook, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing

Have you ever had that moment where you know there has to be a more efficient way to do something,

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