Facebook Marketing for B2B Businesses: Everything You Need to Know
by Ana Gotter April 19, 2018 Facebook, Social Media Marketing

Some businesses have it easy when it comes to getting likes on Facebook; others will have a little more of

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How to Use Instagram Story Highlights to Promote Your Business
by Ana Gotter April 17, 2018 Instagram, Social Media Marketing

When Instagram Stories rolled onto the scene, I had a beef with them right away. Why on earth should I,

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Bringing Down Your Customer’s Purchasing Anxiety
by Benjamin S Powell April 12, 2018 Shopify

What do customers dislike about shopping online? One study found that over 56% of survey respondents still visited physical stores in

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7 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford to Skip Instagram Stories
by Ana Gotter April 10, 2018 Instagram, Social Media Marketing

Instagram as a platform has always been high-engaging and a priority for many businesses, but it’s become even more important

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How to Make an Effective Marketing Video Without Sound
by Anton Eliasson April 06, 2018 Video Marketing

There are many reasons to turn the sound off on social video. Perhaps you’re in a public place, at work,

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