6 Ways to Create Marketing Videos on a Budget
by Ana Gotter August 17, 2017 Shakr, Shakr tips, Video Marketing

Videos are beneficial when used in all areas of marketing. It’s why we have landing page videos and product videos

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How to Prove to Your Clients That Their Facebook Video Ads are Converting Leads and Sales
by Anton Eliasson August 16, 2017 Uncategorized

You know that Facebook video ads attract attention. You know they’re more likely to be watched than a long-form text

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How to Sell More with Your Landing Page Video
by Ana Gotter August 15, 2017 Promotional Videos, Video Ad Industry, Video Marketing

Landing pages are all designed to get users to take specific actions. These actions can include everything from signing a

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How to Create High-Converting Product Videos
by Ana Gotter August 10, 2017 Promotional Videos, Video Marketing

You would never purchase something online without seeing a picture of it first. Product images let you see an item

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The 7 Most Common Video Marketing Mistakes You’re Probably Making
by Ana Gotter August 08, 2017 Video Marketing, Video SEO

With 60 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute, how hard could it be? All you need is

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