Shakr Launches Innovative Solution For TikTok Shopping Ads with Exclusive Offer for TikTok Key Accounts

Over the last few years, TikTok has risen to the top of app stores around the world and has become a new mainstay for innovative advertisers who want to reach a young and engaged audience, challenging Meta and Google for advertisers marketing budgets.

Now TikTok is expanding their arsenal of Direct Response focused ad formats for e-commerce advertisers with their recent launch of TikTok Shopping Ads. Shopping Ads is powered by 3 formats – Video Shopping Ads, Catalog Listing Ads, LIVE Shopping Ads – and to help brands and marketers connect with their communities and meet with shoppers in the infinite loop. Shopping Ads provide three engaging ad formats: Video Shopping Ads, Catalog Listing Ads, and LIVE Shopping Ads, which maximize the potential for a merchant’s catalog and extend campaign reach beyond the TikTok For You Page.

Shakr is the leading creative automation platform and after creating more than 250 million videos for TikTok Dynamic Showcase Ads, we’re now extremely excited to launch full support for TikTok Shopping Ads just ahead of the busy Q4 season, where advertisers’ mettle is measured.

Shakr’s solution for TikTok Shopping Ads enables advertisers to create native TikTok style dynamic ads that combine the best of two worlds, high quality creative and personalization at scale. By fully supporting Adobe After Effects as the templating design tool, advertisers can create dynamic ads that feel and look like TikToks, not merely rudimentary slideshows. For advertisers with internal creative teams or creative agencies, the simple Shakr Template Wizard enables quick uploading of templates that can quickly be connected to the advertiser’s product feed/catalog. For advertisers who don’t have strong internal creative capabilities, the Shakr Creative Lab team unlocks best-in-class creative strategy and production in a full service model.

Once the catalog is created through Shakr, advertisers can easily upload their catalog to their TikTok Ads Manager, and Shakr’s technology makes sure that any changes in your product catalog like price changes and newly added products are automatically added to your campaign. Once live, TikTok helps you reach audiences who are more likely to convert with fully automated features and smarter, more advanced technology.

“TikTok has become a launchpad for products and brands that our community loves. On TikTok, we’ve seen how entertaining content fuels product discovery and it’s clearing shelves for brands. We’re thrilled to introduce Shakr’s innovative creative solution to help brands better utilize Shopping Ads, a smart, simplified solution that maximizes the potential for sellers’ product catalogs, supercharges e-commerce campaigns, and helps brands meet their customers wherever they are throughout the purchase journey.”
– Gabe Nicolau, Global Head of Product Strategy and Operations for Commerce & Gaming Ads, TikTok.

Thanks to Shakr’s strong partnership with TikTok, advertisers who want to implement TikTok Shopping Ads campaigns to their DR arsenal can start using Shakr Shopping Ads for TikTok today at no cost. Both creative production and catalog creation is fully funded for the advertiser until the end of 2022, so that advertisers can easily onboard and try out this new revolutionary ad format on TikTok. Advertisers will be teamed up with creative strategists and designers who will add expert guidance and managed services to ensure advertisers get the best performance possible.

Our strong partnership with TikTok enables us to offer this extraordinarily valuable program to advertisers who want to take the next step with DR focused dynamic ads at no cost. Until the end of Q4, advertisers can onboard with Shakr and TikTok Shopping Ads and benefit from Shakr’s creative expertise and industry leading creative automation technology. Now’s the perfect time to explore how TikTok can drive real business impact for you with dynamic ads in collaboration with Shakr.
– Anton Eliasson, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer @ Shakr

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