How to Sell More with Your Landing Page Video
by Ana Gotter August 15, 2017 Promotional Videos, Video Ad Industry, Video Marketing

Landing pages are all designed to get users to take specific actions. These actions can include everything from signing a

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How to Create High-Converting Product Videos
by Ana Gotter August 10, 2017 Promotional Videos, Video Marketing

You would never purchase something online without seeing a picture of it first. Product images let you see an item

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How to Optimize Your Social Media Videos for Conversions
by Ana Gotter July 18, 2017 Promotional Videos, Social Media Marketing, Video Ad Industry, Video Marketing

In today’s world, where we increasingly have an attention span that can’t even rival a goldfish and more distractions than

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Promotional Facebook Videos: The Good, The Bad and The Indifferent
by John Waldron December 15, 2015 Facebook, Promotional Videos, Video Marketing

Hello and welcome again to the next instalment in our December series all about promotional Facebook videos. Last week we

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Scripting tips for promotional videos that work
Top 5 Tips For Scripting Promotional Videos That Convert
by John Waldron November 26, 2015 Promotional Videos

Welcome to the final instalment of our promotional video mini-series. We’ve covered everything from the equipment and practicalities of shooting

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