[Infographic] 5 Crucial YouTube SEO Tactics You Need To Use

Video can be a super effective way for small and medium businesses to get their content to rank on Google and to do that there are some YouTube SEO tactics that you should be using. Increases in search rankings it is an often overlooked benefit of using videos in your marketing arsenal, and not something small businesses traditionally think of when deciding to start ramping up their video marketing efforts. But how do you get started with optimizing your videos for search? We took some great assorted advice from Search Engine Watch, Forbes, and Moz and made this handy infographic that contains the absolute 5 crucial YouTube SEO Tactics you need to use. Here are the 5 parts you need to make great to increase your rankings in the SERPs.

youtube seo tactics



Video is a great way to boost your business’ search rankings and drive more traffic. But it isn’t as easy as simply uploading your video to YouTube and thinking that’s it. In the same way that your SEO work need a solid strategy, so does your video SEO. Create great content that people want to engage with and share with their friends, and optimize your video for Google’s crawl bots and see your rankings increase. But also figure out what the purpose of that increase is, will you monetize the YouTube traffic with ads, build brand awareness or drive clicks back to your website? Each strategy needs a certain kind of video and that is something we will be looking at in the future here at the Shakr blog.

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