We’ve Moved to Silicon Valley?

Well, not really.

There may have been some confusion after a recent article in the Wall Street Journal’s Korea Realtime blog about Shakr.

The post was headlined: “For Founder of Korean Tech Startup, A Sudden Move to Silicon Valley“.

It’s partially true. We have filed papers to have an official presence in San Francisco. Some of us in the company, David and Erik, especially, will be spending much more time there, too. And that’s smart business. Deals are getting done. People in the know are clustered in the Bay Area.

We still have Korea in our hearts. We still believe in Korea’s start-up scene. That said, Shakr is bigger than just Korea. We’ve always seen ourselves as a global company. The mix of Korean and foreign employees we have is a reflection of that.

To quote the article (and David):

“Seoul is a great place to run a start-up…but in terms of working with the world’s largest Internet companies, it’s necessary to be here,” Mr. Lee, 32, said in a phone conversation earlier this week from San Francisco.    Mr. Lee’s decision to open a Silicon Valley office wasn’t a spur of the moment decision. He had long set his sights on establishing a physical presence in the area as part of an attempt to take his company to a global level.

Please do read the article. Special thanks to Jonathan Cheng for speaking with us.

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