Shakr will be Shaking up Silicon Valley

Shakr will be one of several Korean startups headed to Silicon Valley to be part of the beGLOBAL event on Sept. 13.

Min-Jeong Lee was kind enough to mention Shakr in her Wall Street Journal blog post about beGLOBAL.

Video-making platform Shakr, which launched its  service in May, will be one of the startups coming to Silicon Valley. “Our goal is to launch our business in the U.S.,” said David Lee, the chief executive of Shakr, which provides templates for videos that can be as short as 30 seconds or as long as 5 minutes.   Users can choose the templates from Shakr’s website and personalize it by adding their own photos and videoclips.  The startup plans to launch the English version of its service around the time of the conference, to drum up some publicity for its business.

We’re looking to forward to sunny California.


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