3 Simple Steps to Maximize ROI on Facebook Video Posts

At Shakr, we love the incremental accessibility of advertising on social platforms like Facebook. Small businesses might not be able to afford full-page spreads in a glossy magazine, or 30 second spots on prime time — but they can absolutely afford managed spend on Facebook. The amplification of a Facebook Promoted Post can deliver real results, especially when used in conjunction with a smart mixed-media posting strategy powered by strong content.

Facebook Promoted Video Posts

But one common concern among small business is optimization. Big businesses employ big agencies to manage their spend and targeting on Facebook — but what about local business?

I recently stumbled across AdEspresso, a 500 Startups-backed company that makes Facebook Ad optimization accessible to small business. Starting at just $49 a month, small businesses can leverage AdEspresso’s hyper-intelligent split testing and analytics. It’s like hiring your own social media expert, but only spending $49 a month. Now that’s a cost model that works for small business.

“Before using AdEspresso we were investing on Facebook but we didn’t really know what we got back. After adopting it we tenfolded the number of fans and reduced to one tenth our cost per fan.”

There are $2.5 billion reasons to have optimized ad spend on Facebook. That’s how much ad revenue Facebook pulled in from the first quarter of 2014 alone. Facebook advertising works. But only if you avoid the trap of get-reach-quick schemes. The only tried-and-true method of growing your business on Facebook is the secret formula no one is talking about: Great mixed media content that resonates with your audience, plus optimized promoted posts = viral engagement. It’s that simple, really. No Growth Ninjas, Growth Hackers, or Priestesses or Reach required.

Growth Hacker - Say What?

Mixed-media content that resonates with your audience + optimized promoted posts = Viral engagement

For a long time, the big brands have known about the importance of both mixed-media content that audiences dig, and effectively optimized promoted posts. Big businesses have spent big budgets hiring the right staff and agencies to get these two points right. That’s why Facebook works great for big business. Now Facebook works for small business too!

Using AdEspresso is extremely easy and through its tests and optimizations we managed to save up to 45% on our Facebook Advertising.

Get started right away:

  1. Create a great video to promote your business. Try one of Shakr’s energetic themes to get started!
  2. Post your video to your Facebook page. You can post the link to the video for free, or post the video itself by purchasing it at Shakr. Keep in mind that uploading video directly to Facebook typically earns a 40% higher engagement rate, especially when you tag friends or pages in the video itself.
  3. Sign up for AdEspresso with a free trial to earn more engagement and broader reach.

What are you waiting for? People want to hear about your business. Get the word out there with Shakr and AdEspresso!

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