Promoted Video Tweets Deliver Results for Local Business – With

Promoted Video Tweets Deliver Results for Local Business – With

Growing your local business with Promoted Video Tweets can be remarkably cost-efficient and effective. Promoted Video Tweets are similar to organic Tweets. They can be retweeted, replied to and favorited.

“tweets containing video get a 28% boost over text tweets”

Twitter’s analysis reveals that tweets containing video get a 28% boost over plain text tweets. Adding tweets containing video URLs is a smart way to maximize your rich media Twitter strategy. It’s important to think of your Twitter strategy holistically – a blend of different content formats in your tweets is the best way to earn increased engagement from your Twitter followers.

Finding out if Promoted Video Tweets are right for you doesn’t require a big budget. You can get started by making a free video at – you’ll need about 15 minutes, and a few photos or video clips. Once you’ve made a great video advertisement at, tweet the link – then, for added engagement, promote the tweet by setting a budget that works for your business at It takes just a few minutes to setup your Twitter advertiser account, if you don’t already have one. Remember to choose “Promoted Tweets” instead of “Promoted Account”. You’ll be able to choose specific tweets to promote, set total budgets and set daily budgets. With keyword targeting, your tweets will get the right kind of exposure. Remember to get involved in the dialogue when you see re-tweet and reply interactions with your Promoted Video Tweets!

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With Promoted Video Tweets, big results can come from small investments, when re-tweets amplify your audience. Remember, you’re only paying for engagement, e.g. re-tweets & favorites. You’ll never be charged for organic engagement with Promoted Video Tweets.

Shakr makes great video possible for small business & local business. And that’s important, because video is the most powerful storytelling medium – and, along with mobile, it’s the only ad format that’s seeing increased ad spend year-over-year. Digital video works, and big business knows it – that’s why 76% of U.S. executives are shifting their television ad budgets to digital video advertising, according to the IAB. With effective targeting, there are a number of ways digital video advertising can be less expensive than conventional text or image advertising. In some cases, digital video advertising can be half the cost of conventional AdWords campaigns, while delivering bigger results.

Add video to your Twitter strategy with Shakr, and see the results for yourself. Shakr makes great video possible for small business & local business.

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