20 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketing Video Templates

November is the most exciting time of the year for both online shoppers and sellers. Not only are people buying gifts for friends and family, but they’ve also saved up to treat themselves. Your business can attract new customers and unprecedented traffic with great Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing. All it takes is the right ad creative to get people into your store.

With Shakr video templates, you can create custom Facebook and Instagram ads in just a few clicks. We’ve got you covered for all of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing needs.

The Shakr Black Friday/Cyber Monday collection was made especially for the holiday season.

What makes a successful Black Friday marketing video

Attracting people to your store or site on the busiest day of the year is a big challenge. Video marketing can help in a few specific ways. Making an effective Facebook or Instagram ad forces you to think from the customer’s perspective.

In the holiday season, customers need the following:

  • Quick info: For busy shoppers, the faster your ad, the better. The call to action can even be in the first few seconds.
  • Guarantee of quality: Don’t say “high quality,” show it. A professional-looking video with smooth transitions, simple motion graphics, and visual effects will show that customers can trust your brand.
  • Attractive images: Humans are visual by nature. The better your products look, the more likely your audience will focus their (scarce) attention on your ads.

With a template, these elements are already in place; all you need to do is add your own branding, product images, and call to action. Here are 20 of the best Shakr ad templates for promoting big sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday Modern Original


This monochrome template uses red accents to draw attention to your most important Black Friday or Cyber Monday marketing ad copy. Make your top selling items pop with black frames and bold text.

Black Friday Nock


Bring in new holiday customers with this cheerful yellow-and-white design. Simply slot your product photos into the frames, add your copy, and go.

Black Friday On Air


Broadcast your sale far and wide with this colorful video ad template. The light-up text makes your title slide the star attraction, so you’ll get shoppers’ attention right away.

Black Friday Festival


This sleek, modern design will make your products look upscale and stylish. Use the square layout to get more exposure in your audience’s Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Black Friday Coarse


This high-energy ad template is perfect for gaming and sports sales. Show off your products with animated slideshow transitions and a clear call to action.

Black Friday Yolo


Instagram Stories are all the rage, so what better way to level up your Cyber Monday marketing than with a quick, minimalist ad? The split-screen effects in this template make it easy to show off several products or just emphasize one big discount.

Black Friday Flash Sale


Create holiday magic with shimmering-light effects. This flash-sale ad template will catch viewers’ eyes right away, making sure they won’t miss your Black Friday sales announcement.



Get to the point in this ad, where the numbers and photos speak for themselves. You can add your own product photos and prices and use the custom call to action to drive the message home.



In “Multiscreen,” portrait dimensions give your ad lots more space in the Facebook or Instagram feed. You can include a variety of moving product images; the banners will conveniently direct viewers to your CTA.

Color Waves


This colorful Instagram Story ad template is perfect for standing out during the busy holiday shopping period. The convenient “Swipe up” animation leads viewers directly to your site.



This classic black-and-white style is artistic and elegant. It’s perfect for your most timeless pieces.



In the “Cube” template, your product photos get the 3D treatment. Bouncy animations draw attention to your copy while still making the product the main focus.



In “Runner,” more is better for your Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale. Create a chessboard of images showing off a wide variety of items and styles. The animated, bold text makes your message especially clear.



Ideal for the millennial shopper, this hip film-reel style template shows off lots of images while devoting individual attention to each one. Close-up shots of your product will work particularly well here.

Swipe Up


The “Swipe Up” slideshow template was made with Instagram ads in mind. The Polaroid-style frames will fit right in with your fashion-forward brand.

Big Sale


In “Big Sale,” viewers know what you’re offering right away. Bright colors and several photo slots allow you to highlight your biggest deals of the year.

Seasonal Sale


In the “Seasonal Sale” ad template, the gray and red color scheme is just right for the season. Several slots for pricing copy help you explain exactly what deals your customers can grab.

On Sale


In the “On Sale” template, fuzzing animation effects draw your attention to the text, while a video background keeps things moving.

Old Lettering


Go for the nostalgic effect this Black Friday with the “Old Lettering” animated ad template. This design features a bright-red title slide and old-fashioned lettering to frame your classic gifts.

Retro Circus


Shine a light on your Cyber Monday deals with this festive template. The bright-red background and twinkling lights will show off all of your favorite sale items.

Make Your Black Friday Marketing Unstoppable

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the biggest sales days of the year, but other retailers are going after your customers, too. With stylish, eye-catching video ads, your brand will be more visible than ever on social media. You don’t need a fancy production studio to create quality video ads. Just grab one of the templates above, add your own product photos and branding, and seal the deal with a call to action. Your seasonal marketing will stand out from the crowd, and your competition won’t know what hit them.

Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Shakr

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