Video On Social Media – Why It Matters

Video on social media

Nowadays more than 100 hours of video is uploaded to Youtube every minute. It may sound like just another cool stat flying around the marketing world but think about it for a minute. 100 hours of video. Every minute. To me that’s just mind boggling. Youtube surpassed one billion monthly active users (!) in 2013 already and this year the number of people subscribing daily is up more than 3x since last year, clearly demonstrating our love for video. Couple that with the increase in video usage on Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Instagram and you have an even more convincing case that video is everything right now. In fact, in November, Facebook videos overtook Youtube’s share of uploaded videos on Facebook, accounting for over 60% of all global video shares. Last week we wrote about Video Marketing in 2015 and why video marketing would be the outstanding marketing trend of 2015. Today we’re going to continue on the same subject but go a bit deeper in regards to video marketing on Social Media, or Social Video Marketing as it is sometimes referenced as.


Video on social media – The stats

Facebook is reporting some amazing stats when it comes to online video, with the site claiming that we uploaded 75% more clips per compared to the beginning of 2014. That figure is the global stats, if you look at the U.S. alone there has been a 94% increase in video uploads per user. Marketers are increasingly uploading their marketing videos not just to Youtube and then posting them on Facebook, but natively to Facebook as well to make use of Facebook’s auto play feature. The auto play feature is also surely one of the reasons that video visibility in Facebooks newsfeeds increased 360% year on year. That Facebook is starting 2015 with new video features such as Featured Video and Playlist says it all about where Facebook’s focus lies. Facebook is starting to take a huge chunk of Youtube’s business, here exemplified by the stats from John Lewis Christmas Ad last year.

In addition to Facebooks shift towards video, other social media platforms that focus on video are abundant. No one can touch Instagram right now in terms of attracting new users. In 2014 the amount of adults in The U.S using Instagram grew nine percent, which means that 26% of all US adults are now using Instagram. Vine is seeing impressive numbers with over 100 million monthly active users and over one billion loops per day, and Snapchat are seeing 400 million snaps per day, slowly opening up to advertisers (although you might baulk at their reported prices).


Video Marketing – The stats

2014 was a huge year for video on social media. In additions to platforms like Vine and Instagram increasing their user base, YouTube’s continued growth, and new Facebook features such as autoplay video ads, video’s relevance and importance in social media continues to increase. How do online consumers interact with videos on social media, and how do marketers profit?  

Video on social media

Video Marketing – The Psychology

So okay, video is huge. But why? The visual Internet is a fact in 2015. Social networks, Kickstarter funding campaigns, brand marketing strategies are already more and more video focused. Why is it working? Video quickly delivers information in a desirable way for our brains to digest. This results in better conversion for businesses and a better, more human and closer relationship with their customers that increase brand awareness and loyalty, as well as fuelling sales. In comparrison to video, text is more difficult for the brain to process than a visual such as video. In a video, effective storytelling with human faces, product demonstrations, and emotive language all combine to tap our psychological hard-wiring for maximum effectiveness. A person watching a video that provides value or entertainment are inherently more willing to accept the message the sender wants to send than if reading plain text. When our brains makes connections is when it works best. From calculating a mathematical formula to a solving a practical situation. Our brains need multiple stimuli and a structure to turn information into knowledge, something video excels at. By supplying auditory and visual stimuli that accompanies a story, you present information in a way that is structured to stick. The feeling, ideas and solutions you present, alongside the emotional appeal you’ve created will stay longer with viewers, especially when it’s time for you customers to make a buying decision.



No matter which social media platform you are using for your marketing needs, you really need to utilize the power of video. If you’d like to read more about video marketing, please sign up for our marketing newsletter.

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