How To Improve Video Engagement

Drive video engagement

We’ve talked before about how important video marketing is and how much it matters on social media, so hopefully you’ve got a sense of the urgency of implementing it in your marketing efforts by now. If your business isn’t offering product videos on your website and in your social media channels, you really are missing great potential marketing and engagement opportunities. As reported by video market firm Invodo, around 90% of E-commerce and online shoppers who watch videos are nearly twice as likely to make a purchase as shoppers who don’t view video. Using videos in your marketing is a key opportunity for you as a marketer or small business owner to increase the engagement on your website and product detail pages. Effective use of videos help you grow interest around your brand, drive clicks to your website, drive engagement on your social media channels and help sell your products faster. Leveraging videos on your website and social media channels can help transform your customers digital experience with you if you adhere to these five rules to help you improve video engagement:


Differentiate the style of your videos

how to drive video engagement

It is really important to create a compelling and informative video for your different products. As a marketer you need to focus on both creating an engaging visual viewing experience, as well as using a soundtrack that fits your tone of voice and brand authority. You might only have 30 seconds of your audience time, so differentiating the videos you use for your videos is vital.


Personalize the viewing experience

How to drive video engagement

Don’t forget to personalize each video use in your marketing efforts. Customize each product video with your logos, consider adding branded intro and outro, and add any industry  certifications or indicators that will help you build confidence amongst your consumers and convey the overall benefit of your product or product line.


Don’t go too on for too long

How to drive video engagement

While you should try to fit all the important parts and information about your product in your videos, it’s important not to try to pack too much information into the video. Having a web based businesses is great as it means that your audience is reachable 24/7. Previously you might have been depending on finding your audience at key consumption times when people were able to sit at their computer, now you can reach your consumer throughout the day.But the attention span of an online shopper in today’s world is akin to the attention span of a goldfish, so stay focused on time and create a viewing experience in less than 60 seconds. Say it quick, say it well.


Use consistent video Styles in your whole digital presence

How to drive video engagement

Greet your customers at every connection point with a consitent theme and style that pairs your social media presence to your website and email marketing campaigns. Great product videos are valuable assets that you can use to create custom landing pages on your website, use in ad campaigns, category pages on your website, and even interest pages to help improve social conversations.


Use video in email

How to drive video engagement

To improve engagement and deliver a 360-degree experience to your users, consider attaching product videos in your email campaigns. According to Invodo you can get a 18,5% higher open rate of your emails simply by adding the word “video” to the subject line. With just a simple change, marketers and SMBs can re-leverage their video assets to reach customers in their inbox.



Marketers and SMBs who integrate product videos into their e-commerce and marketing tactics are giving their customers a better consumer shopping experience and achieve significant return. The results are achievable by easily creating great videos that provide value to your audience and improve conversions. Following these five guidelines will help you drive video engagement throughout your marketing spectrum.

Do you want to start making videos straight away? Go to and choose a template that suits your business. Making a video is as easy as adding your photos and videos and changing the sample text to your liking.

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