Video Marketing Metrics You Need To Track

According to the latest Social Media Examiner Social Media Marketing Report for this year, 3700 marketers revealed that video marketing is high on their priority list of marketing tactics for the coming years. Video is clearly a marketing medium that is getting a lot of attention these days, and for good reasons. A lot of brands are finding a lot of success with video marketing, but at the same time it is the thing most marketers want to learn more about, according to the report from SME. And we know what you’re talking about, video marketing can be a complicated marketing tool to master. Especially when you are just starting out (Hint, check out these 22 actionable video marketing tips). In this post, I’m going to go through the most basic video metrics that you should keep track of to become a video marketing master.


1. Awareness

The first thing marketers think about when it comes to video marketing is that it drives awareness. And whilst that may or may not be the top reason why you should leverage the power of video, it is something that video is effective at. Video grabs the attention of the viewer and brand, and brand and message recall effects of videos are through the roof. You can measure awareness by keeping track and monitoring the number of views and how much of your video the viewer actually watch. How you do this depends on which platform you are using. The different platforms have different systems for counting views. For example, on YouTube you can check the audience retention in the video analytics of your video. Keep track of the average percentage of a video your audience watches per view. If this metric is low your video doesn’t live up to the initial promise it gave the viewer. You can even check when people stop watching and evaluate that part of the video. If a person clicks “skip” it won’t count as a view, unlike Facebook who count even auto play as a “view”.

Youtube Audience retention metrics
97% average percentage viewed is clearly a good result.

You can check the performance of your Facebook video metrics by clicking the “X people reached” under the video on your timeline and then clicking “video”.

This video on the other hand, didn't perform as well.
This video, on the other hand, didn’t perform as well.

Increasing awareness of your business or product through video is great to establish your company and grow consumer awareness, increase positive brand impression among your current and potential customers, and encourage more in-depth actions later in the marketing funnel as your audience are familiar with you.

2. Engagement

Another important video marketing metric you should be keeping track of is how engaging your video content is on your different channels. How many shares, retweets, likes, and comments are you getting from your video content? You might think of these kinds of engagement metrics as vanity metrics, but the fact is that they often reflect the quality and relevance of your video. A good video which is posted on Facebook and boosted to get the initial traction will live longer and reach more people if it gets a decent amount of engagement. All the video platforms have thorough analytics for these metrics and you can easily find them.

Facebook engagement metrics

3. Performance

After checking the general engagement of your videos, there are a few more in-depth metrics you can check to keep getting better at video marketing. Firstly, take a look at how many engagements you get organically from other shares. Evaluate this to learn what speaks and resonates with your audience.

earned engagement

On YouTube, you can check how many new subscribers your video drives. If you see that a certain kind of video is generating more new subscribers you should double down on that kind of videos. What other effect are your videos having? Are you getting press coverage or increase in traffic from your videos? Use Google URL tags on the links back to your site to evaluate what kind of traffic your videos are generating.

4. Conversions

Awareness, engagement, press and traffic are super valuable for your business and you should definitely keep track of these metrics. However, when it comes down to brass tax the biggest factor to consider and metric to keep track of is how well the traffic from your videos are converting. Are people buying your products, signing up to your email list or performing any other action you want them to? If your videos are driving traffic but no conversions you might be targeting the wrong people, your product/offer isn’t good enough or your website isn’t optimized well enough. Use your preferred method of measuring conversions from your video marketing efforts. Conversion doesn’t necessarily mean bottom line revenue, depending on where in your marketing funnel your videos are you might have different conversion goals. If you manage to get a lead from a video you should consider this as a conversion. This lead can converts to a customer at a later stage in your funnel. Video is typically used in the top of the marketing funnel but depending on your goals and objectives this could vary.


There are a lot more nuances to video marketing metrics and you can get geeky and go as deep as you’d like, but these main data points are essential to start with and keep track of. Each of these areas has other subsets that you might want to think about as well, but these are the big ones that truly matters. Do you want to step up your video marketing game?

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