How To Make Professional Quality Promo Videos

Here at Shakr we see A LOT of promotional videos go through the Shakr rendering machine™. In fact nearly every major car brand in the world (except for Hyundai Kia) is using Shakr to make local car dealership ads like this video for Fletcher Jones Audi Chicago . But most of our customers are small and medium sized businesses like restaurants, consultants, personal trainers, gyms, events, schools, doctors, retail shops, etc. It’s safe to say we’ve seen most kinds of businesses promote their business by using our video templates, so we can stick our chins out and say that we usually know what works and what doesn’t work. After looking at literally thousands of videos we’ve boiled down what makes a the optimal promo video to these five essential parts of an awesome promotional video.

make promo video templates with Shakr


There you have it, our five steps to creating awesome promotional videos that sell. But hey, don’t go just yet, here are three templates that you can use NOW to create your awesome promotional videos in a matter of minutes. Just upload your photos/videos and insert your copy and start your video marketing journey with Shakr! Check out these promo video templates!




A geometrically inspired video ad, filled with more bright yellow hexagons than a beehive. Hexagons are trendy and bright yellow ones really get attention. Ergo, an ad filled with yellow hexagons is sure to make the right impression. Create your version of Hexagon here!




Show off your facility on your website and on social media. Are you looking to attract members to your gym or personal training services? Or do you want to show off the power and dynamics of the car on your dealership lot? This template pumps up the audience and is great for getting potential new members to join your gym or show off the power of the newest car you are selling. Create your version of Flash here!


The Shop Owner


Show off your expertise with this video. You’re an expert in your field. You have a great shop. Show it off in 30 seconds with this video that’s perfect for your website or social media. Create your version of The Shop Owner here!

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