Shakr Partners with AiChat to Bring Personalized Video Messages to Chatbot Marketing Campaigns

Shakr & AiChat recently teamed up to launch an unique solution to allow brands to create thousands of personalized videos via AI-powered Messenger chatbot

We recently announced a partnership with AiChat, an AI-powered conversational customer experience platform. Together we are bringing AiChat’s chatbot marketing campaigns to the next level through user generated personalized videos, which has proven to increase engagement, organic reach, and conversions.

User generated Messenger videos for M1

The partnership was recently put to the test on a campaign for M1, a Singapore Telco, who wanted to celebrate individual uniqueness. AiChat and Shakr, both official Facebook Marketing Partners, helped the brand develop their video chatbot marketing campaign called “Be” that was run using Facebook Messenger. Through social media promotions, a Facebook user would see the “Be” campaign which offered to help users send a personalized positive video message to a loved one. To send the message, the user would interact through Facebook Messenger to go through the 3-step process of sending the custom video. This included: 1. Choosing a template 2. Uploading personal photos of the recipient, and 3. Writing a special message for the recipient. 

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After step 3 was completed using the chatbot that AiChat provided, Shakr’s technology worked behind the scenes to render a custom video from the information shared by the user. Once the video rendered, the user would share it with their loved one as part of the “Be” mission. The campaign turned out to be incredibly popular among users, reached nearly 400,000 participants organically, with 4.1x new user acquisition and generated more than 132,000 messages exchange and 1,700 unique videos created.

Together, the two technologies complemented and improved upon the ROI of each other’s efforts with AiChat being used to capture customer data, messages, and photos or videos which were then dynamically mapped onto video templates by Shakr. The result was the ability to easily scale to create thousands of personalized videos via AI-led conversational marketing campaigns.

The future of personalized Messenger videos

“Moving forward, we’re looking to help more brands to build more innovative chatbot marketing campaigns via Messaging and creative video content through our partnership with Shakr.” Said Kester Poh, CEO at AiChat. “For example, during festive seasons, brands can use our combined technologies to generate personalized e-greeting videos at scale where people can then share with their families and friends via their favourite messaging app.”

David Lee, CEO at Shakr, seconded the excitement of AiChat leadership, noting that “It’s interesting to see how our solution could be used in a new and engaging way. I’m excited to partner with AiChat to continue to explore how our solutions can be combined to improve user experiences, and ultimately ROI, in the social messaging space.”  

About AiChat 

AiChat is a leading AI-Powered conversational customer experience platform designed to help brands automate business processes in customer service, marketing, and e-commerce via social messaging apps. 

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