TikTok and Shakr partner to deliver creativity at the scale of infinity

The TikTok Marketing Partner Program showcases experts that empower advertisers to advertise effectively on TikTok and are grouped into four different categories: Campaign Management, Measurement, Creative and Effects.

Shakr is the latest addition to the Creative category. Shakr is unique in their ability to scale high quality videos for Dynamic Showcase Ads, an increasingly requested capability for large TikTok advertisers.

“Dont’ Make Ads, Make TikToks”, at the scale of Dynamic Showcase Ads

“Don’t Make Ads, Make TikToks” has been a fundamental driver for enabling brands to keep audiences engaged with fun, positive, and engaging content. 

Unfortunately, “Don’t Make Ads, Make TikToks” becomes challenging when creating hundreds, thousands and even millions of TikTok videos. This is a painful reality for many advertisers, especially ecomm businesses running Dynamic Showcase Ads with large product catalogs. 

Shakr enables brands to put creativity first, while at the same time meeting the demand for massive scale. The Shakr engine currently renders millions of videos per day, and has increased the number of videos by over 20,000% in the past six months. The company is on pace to produce over 100 million videos this year for some of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms.

“On TikTok,content that feels native to the platform is key to creating an engaging experience. We’re thrilled to be working with best-in-class partners who can help brands to integrate their Product catalogues and create personalized Dynamic Showcase Ads that capture consumers’ attention.”-Gabe Nicolau, Director, Global Head of Vertical Ads Solutions,TikTok

Shakr’s partnership with TikTok enables marketers to create and publish hundreds, thousands or even millions of videos. 

Yesstyle Success Story

YesStyle is an e-commerce platform for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products. They understand that their audience on TikTok expects fun, engaging, and relevant content. To succeed with Dynamic Showcase Ads, YesStyle tapped into Shakr in order to scale their creative while still putting creative quality front and center, which led to outstanding performance. “Shakr is a great platform which helps us to create high quality TikTok videos for Dynamic Showcase Ads. With the Shakr platform we are able to create amazing video content in a few clicks, and with Shakr’s outstanding support, our Cost per Order has been reduced by 65%, and our Return on Ad Spend has increased by over 100%,” says Yuki Wong, performance marketing manager at YesStyle.

Invest in Creativity first, then scale

In addition to the tremendous scale that Shakr enables, what makes the company unique is its emphasis on creativity. While the company serves brands directly with creative services to build native-looking TikTok templates for scale, it also functions as a scale enabler for in-house creative teams and agencies. 

Shakr templates are designed in Adobe After Effects, and the technology acts as a dynamic layer of intelligence that connects these templates with data sources like product catalogs. As a result, Shakr templates look and feel native to TikTok, and can be designed by any in-house creative teams, creative agencies, or creative partners. 

With Shakr, brands do not need to make a tradeoff between quality and scale when running Dynamic Showcase Ads.

VMG Creative Partnership 

VMG Digital has enjoyed a close partnership with TikTok producing Branded Effects, organic content and now we couldn’t be happier to enable brands to produce dynamic templates for executing potentially millions of iterations of product messages in rich video formats.” says Doug Drury, CEO of VMG. “We see this marriage of design capabilities brought to life through the leading edge creative technologists in Shakr as the next step in meeting businesses needs and consumers’ appetite for relevancy wrapped in beautiful design to truly engage and generate action across the TikTok platform.

Shakr is Creativity, at the Scale of Infinity

We founded this company over 10 years ago with clear conviction about the importance of creativity,” shares David Lee, CEO of Shakr. “As the world moves towards a better signal to noise ratio with a greater focus on keeping content experiences relevant, it’s easy for brands to fall into the trap of thinking about performance first. Counterintuitively, by putting creativity first, brands achieve better performance. We now live in an age where there is infinite content available to us, and with an abundance of content, creativity matters. Creativity matters because we’re human, and we value it. It matters because without it, we end up with a tremendous amount of content that no one wants to see. This is why it’s important for brands to put creativity first, especially when delivering content at scale. Shakr is creativity at the scale of infinity.

Shakr is the world’s leading creative enablement technology firm for video. The company was founded in 2010, with a presence in New York, Toronto, Manila, and Seoul. www.shakr.com

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