How to Prove to Your Clients That Their Facebook Video Ads are Converting Leads and Sales

You know that Facebook video ads attract attention. You know they’re more likely to be watched than a long-form text ad is to be read. And you know they’re effective at converting leads and sales.

But can you definitively prove that to your clients?

For that matter, can you prove it to yourself? Can you pull data from your clients’ Facebook ad accounts to show your video ad got them X leads or Y sales? Or are you making “educated guesses” as to how effective your video ads really are?

The “educated guesses” system is far more common that you’d think.


Because to get any sort of proof that your video ad campaigns are working, it takes hours and hours of exporting data from your client’s Facebook Ads account, then importing it into spreadsheets.

Then you pore over that data to find what you need and put that information into pivot tables and pray to the deity of your choice that you’ve gotten everything right.

Even after all that, you can’t guarantee that you’ve got the correct “answer” as to whether your video ads are effective. Because if you missed one important piece of data, made one tiny miscalculation, or entered one incorrect figure, it can throw your results way off.

This means a lot of marketers and digital marketing agencies really don’t know how effective their video ad campaigns are. Instead, they rely on metrics they can see easily, such as likes and comments, to show that Facebook users are engaging with their ads.

Let’s face it. Your clients don’t care about likes and comments. They care about getting leads and sales. They care about increasing their ROI. They care about their bottom line.

If you want to keep your clients happy and with your digital marketing agency for a long time, your job is to show them that your Facebook video ads are growing that bottom line.

So, you can spend hours and hours, digging through data and slaving over spreadsheets…

Or you can use the marketing dashboard software platform specifically designed to dig deep into Facebook Ads account data, that includes a Facebook Video Ads Dashboard.

Get the Data You Need to Prove Your Video Ads Work, Fast

Allow me to introduce you to FunnelDash.

Unlike many other data analytics platforms, FunnelDash focuses exclusively on Facebook ads.

Why? Because that’s where 80% of the ad spend is right now. We figured it would be far more useful for you to have a tool that gives you a deep dive into your Facebook Ads Account data so you can see which ad campaigns are working and shut off those that aren’t.

We also recognize that more and more businesses are using video in their Facebook ads, so we’ve included the Facebook Video Ads Dashboard to keep track of those campaigns.

Instead of likes, comments and other metrics that don’t tell you whether you’re making money from your video ads, we’ve included metrics that matter, like:

Average time watched
Average percentage watched (including a range of percentages)
Cost per click
Cost per lead
Cost per standard purchase events

And you can customize this dashboard to show whatever metrics you’d like. That includes all standard Facebook metrics, plus any custom metrics you’ve added to your campaign.

The cards at the top of the dashboard can be customized to show your choice of metrics from overall campaign data. The table at the bottom can be customized to show your choice of metrics by ad.

What Can You Do with This Data?

This dashboard does all the work you used to do pulling spreadsheets and creating pivot tables. Now you can easily see your data and determine your top performing video ads. You can also see which ads need to be tweaked or turned off.

If you want to see which ads are performing better by audience, you can modify the table to see demographics by:

Impression device
Device platform
Time of day

Looking at this data can improve your audience targeting, which can improve your conversion rate.

Plus, this information can make you look like a rock star to your clients.

Imagine being able to report to your clients each month saying things like, “We should target this video ad to women between the ages of 35 and 44, they’re responding more than any other audience. Plus, it will save money on ad spend that we can redirect to this other campaign.”

They will call you a genius and shout your praises to all of their friends

More importantly, it will prove your value to them and you’ll be able to charge more for your services.

To top this off, all you have to do for a weekly report to your clients, is send a screen shot of this dashboard. It will tell them everything they want to know.

No more requests for updates several times a week. No more questioning your decisions or your results. Your clients will see exactly what you’re doing and how you’re improving their bottom line. Which is exactly what they want.

Plus, FunnelDash makes it easier to get new clients with Facebook ads audits, because you can show them results like this, using their own data. You’ll be able to review a potential client’s Facebook ads data and show them precisely what you would change in their campaigns to improve their ROI.

Learn More About FunnelDash and How It Can Help You Get, Manage and Keep Clients

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