Why Videos Increase Your Conversion Rates

If you’re leveraging the power of video you will benefit from several positive effects. Video is the newest rage in the marketing world. In the latest Social Media Examiner Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 72% of 3700 marketers said that they want to learn more about video marketing. If done right, video marketing can make your online ads click-through-rate increase, help you with SEO, drive traffic, decrease bounce rates and increase conversion rates of your website. In this post, I’m going to talk about why marketers see great results in terms of conversion rates on their website when they incorporate video on their site and how you can increase conversion rates with video.


Video Makes It Easy For Your Customers’ Brains (Seriously)

Our brains process visuals over 60,000 times faster than text, and the brain also understand visuals quicker than it can process the language connected to them. Our brains also remember visual information much easier than text, which is why your brain will make that processing even quicker the second time you see something. Therefore video is an automatic attention-grabber that you need on your site. More and more businesses explain what they’re about and about their products with video. The reason is simply that a visitor is more likely to watch a video than to read the same information via text. In fact, most site customers prefer video over white papers, case studies, even live demos with reps. Well-designed visual content like infographics and high-quality videos piques interest before the information have time to actually be processed by our brains. University of Saskatchewan performed a study, in where respondents answered that when they viewed a visually embellished chart, they both found it more memorable and more appealing than a normal, plain chart. Our brains are also hard-wired to notice and understand the relationships between objects and shapes, minimizing the need for complicated computing in our brains.

But don’t take my word for it, there is data behind all of this. Product pages can see big increases in conversion rates, like the online fashion retailer that saw a 134% boost in conversions when they added video. Sales pages can also benefit from using video as this A/B test of a fitness product sales page, which noticed a 46% rise in click throughs to the purchase page when the sales page included a video compared to when it didn’t.

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Video Earns That Attention

Do you know what the average consumer attention span is? Well, let me tell you: In 2012 it was 8 seconds. In 2013, it was 6. A downward trend that’s sure to continue. Do you know how many percent of words the average visitor read on web pages with 111 words or less? 49%. Percent of words read on an average (593 words) web page? 28%. And even if those numbers might feel soul-crushingly low, you can still grab the attention of your visitor and keep it. Web users viewing video stay on average two minutes longer. Around 60% of visitors watch product videos when they find them on websites, spending up to 3 minutes doing so. By just putting videos on your site and grabbing the attention of your visitors you can increase the attention span from 6 seconds to up to 3 minutes. That’s reason enough to use video right there. Add to that that video shows consistently higher engagement rates on both Twitter and Facebook. Video can also help you stand out in the Google search results. Check out this YouTube SEO tips infographic at SEMRush.

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Video Lets You KEEP That Attention

Does your site suffer from high bounce rate and low average session duration? Video will help you cut the bounce rates down and increase the average session duration. One document management solutions company started incorporating video content in their marketing mix and noticed that their bounce rate for pages with video had a 34% lower rate than the rest of the site on average. A well-placed video can drastically decrease your bounce rate because visitors have an incentive to stay longer and interact with your website. By clicking the play button not only are they committing to staying on your website, but lowering the bounce rate drastically like the document management solutions company did is a huge deal, especially in terms of how Google thinks your site performs, pages where people quickly bounce is probably not very good in the eyes of Google.

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Video Helps You Close The Deal

It is a fact that video increases conversions. Study after study has confirmed this. For example, e-commerce site Ariat noticed that conversion rates increased 160% for products with video compared to the site average. And 73% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching videos that explain a product or service. Virtually all website visitors find videos helpful when making purchase decisions online and 58% of shoppers consider companies that produce video content to be more trustworthy. Even B2B buyers name video among the top three most useful types of content for making work purchases. This according to the Invodo Video Statistics: The Marketer’s Summary 2015.


Increase conversion rates with video now! Videos are a key tool in increasing conversions for your site. There are countless possibilities of how you can use video to do this, but the mere fact that you put video on your site will increase conversion rates and decrease bounce rates. Do you want to learn more about video marketing? Subscribe to the Shakr video marketing blog now, to get weekly updates on the latest tips, news and guide on how to grow your business with video. Video is the most sought after content to learn more about amongst marketers, so join over 2000 marketers on our mailing list now!


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