How To Take Product Photos That Rock

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Along with a good web design, good product photos and videos are an essential part of any site that want to give its visitors a sense of trust. You don’t want to fail when it comes to the trustworthiness of your site, so having product videos and photos of high quality is essential for your business. The fact is that good product photos and videos on your site could be the difference between a conversion or a visitor leaving your site before making a purchase. Shakr turns your product photos into amazing product videos, but to make beautiful videos with Shakr means that you need good photos to begin with. A lot of Shakr templates are centered around your product photos, so it is important to have good product photos to make a video that stands out. Learn how to take product photos that rock:

How to take product photos that rock

1. Don’t Underestimate Your Smartphone

You can do a lot with your smartphone, and you don’t need a thousand dollar DSLR to take good product photos. If you have a recent smartphone, you might be able to use that.

How to take product photos that rock

2. Use a Plain White Backdrop

Show your item by setting it up against a plain white or neutral backdrop. Get a white poster board and attach it to a stand. You can bend it to form a backdrop if you like.

How to take product photos that rock

3. Use Diffused Lighting

Preferably you shouldn’t be using a flash, as it can cause ugly shadows, reflections, and discolorations. Instead, use diffused lighting to eliminate unwanted shadows and reflections.

How to take product photos that rock

4. Use a Tripod

Using a tripod will help you combat blurriness caused by shaky hands. Use your smartphone’s headphone button to activate the shutter instead of touching the smartphone itself.

How to take product photos that rock

5. Show All Angles Of Your Product

The more angles you have, the better. You want to be able to show all the aspects of your product. Try to capture your product in its natural environment, if you’re selling a bracelet, take a photo of it on someone’s arm for example. If you have the possibility of showing your product while in use then go for it! Capture both detailed close-ups and long shots of your product.

How to take product photos that rock

6. Show The Fit And Insides

This applies if you’re selling fashion or bags especially, laying a dress flat on a surface won’t get many people to buy it, show someone wearing it instead. For bags, it is important to display the inside with its different departments and pockets.

Turning Your Product Photos Into Highly Engaging Videos

So how can you turn your static (but now good looking!) product images into an amazing video? Well, Shakr does that well. Just choose a design/template that suits your style, upload your photos and change the text to your liking. In 10 minutes, you can have a great product video that is sure to impress your site visitors.

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