Shakr & Epidemic Sound – Reinventing The Music Industry For Video Producers

Music licensing is a complex and messy process – you would think you were transported back in time. The use of unlicensed music is such a big problem that both YouTube and Facebook have built and are building technology to catch video producers who don’t play by the music industry’s rules. But what if video producers had access to an expansive music library, with zero upfront cost, all rights cleared, for a small revenue share? That is now possible with Epidemic Sound, the world’s fastest growing music library, and Shakr, a global platform for video producers. Epidemic Sound offers a monthly subscription for individual content creators and is a music provider to The Discovery Channel, Red Bull Media House, Maker Studios, and Zodiak Media. In 2011 Epidemic Sound founder, Per Åström passed Elvis Presley as the most featured artist on the Billboard Top 100-list and currently produces all of the music for the FOX hit show Glee.



“It’s like Epidemic reinvented the music industry – but without the hordes of copyright lawyers,” says David Lee, Shakr’s CEO.

Shakr recently partnered with Epidemic Sound to give premium access to over 30,000 royalty-free songs to any Adobe After Effects designer that signs up for a free Shakr designer account. Designers earn 70% of the profit generated from the templates they make available on Customers choose from over 900 stunning video designs, the world’s largest collection, to personalize with drag-and-drop simplicity in a web browser.

According to Epidemic Sound’s CEO Oscar Hoglund, “We choose to partner with Shakr since we share the mission to empower creative video producers with tools, business opportunities, and epic music.”

High-quality music is a fundamental ingredient for great video. Epidemic Sound and Shakr are excited to work together to make engaging video possible for small businesses and individuals by empowering video producers with best-in-class music.


How it works:

Designers who sign up for an account at can request a free upgrade to a Premium Membership with Epidemic Sound by filling out this form and agreeing to the terms of use.

When designers use an Epidemic Soundtrack in a Shakr template, 5% of revenue is deducted from the designer’s revenue share payment. Designers earn 70% of what Shakr makes and decide what the selling price is. Customers use the templates for free, but pay the designer’s listed price to remove the Shakr watermark and own the copyright to the video produced.


Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Shakr

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