How to Make Mobile Game Trailers in Minutes

Trailers sell mobile games, but they’re expensive to make.

If you’ve created the next Angry Birds or Anipang, but your marketing budget isn’t as epic as your game, Shakr has two fun new video styles, especially for casual mobile games.

These game trailer videos are ready to help supercharge your marketing. You can put them on YouTube, display them on your website, upload them to the Google Play store and even run them as ads on Facebook.


If you make these game trailer ads during the month of July, we’re offering a 20% introductory discount when you upgrade. Just use the coupon code


Casual Game

Mobile Game

Orange Version

Blue Version

Looking for something different? Try some of our other styles. We’ve found that styles in our Automotive collection work especially well for games.

Upload a few photos and video clips, type a little text, and in minutes you’ll have a game trailer that’s the same quality as the ones being turned out by major studios. Like all Shakr videos, these game trailers are free to make. You only pay if you upgrade to the downloadable version, without the watermark.

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