Customer Stories: London’s Mimosa Deli

Shakr has offices in Seoul and San Francisco, but after seeing videos from Mimosa Deli, a specialty food shop, outside caterer and cafe with two locations in London, we wish we could open a third.

With hundreds of products, including many prepared foods made in their own kitchens, cheese and charcuterie counters, chocolates and desserts, it’s no wonder that this video, embedded on the front page of their website, had us taking an early lunch.

A Q&A with Gisella Barbaray, who is in charge of Mimosa’s website and social media, follows:

Where is Mimosa Deli located?

Our original shop is in Herne Hill London and we opened a second shop in Vauxhall London in 2011.

Mimosa Deli’s Herne Hill Shop

Who is involved in the company?

It is a family business owned by Jan and Patricia Peacock, with added input from their two daughters.

Patricia pictured in purple, along with staff members.
Patricia pictured in purple, along with staff members.

What sets you apart from competitors? What’s your speciality?

In terms of a food shop, we are unusual in that most of the prepared foods we sell we also make ourselves. We make daily a large range of salads, quiches, dips and tortillas, as well as lunch and dinner items to eat in or take home. We are especially known for our gooey brownies and delicious hummus.

The famed roast chicken and four salads lunch plate
The famed roast chicken and four salads lunch plate

What’s your dream for the company?

We have two current goals. One is to grow our outside catering business through an increase in weddings and large events, to the extent where it equals our revenues in the shops and the second is an online website selling gifts for foodies.

Mimosa stocks an interesting range of Moroccan pottery that we import ourselves as well as French steak knives, handmade oil decanters and cheese plates. We want to expand this collection online and create a busy online business alongside our current business model.

18cm Moroccan side/salad bowls
18cm Moroccan side/salad bowls

How are you using video, and why?

We have only just started using video but we see a lot of potential in it. So far we have used Shakr to create two videos – one on our main page and another wedding-specific video. We are planning on creating more videos about the individual shops and also outside catering. In the future we would like to create short how-to videos of our best selling products and how-to’s on widely searched catering questions.

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