3 Video Ads That Hit The Spot – And One That Didn’t

This is a guest post written by Marcus Jensen

While the world of marketing is reaching new heights with digital solutions, what will happen to TV commercials that used to entertain us until only a couple of years ago, but now seem boring and obsolete? Are people going to keep on watching videos or will they switch to clicking “like” and “share” online as a new way of acknowledging marketing? The answer lies in a combination of old and new solutions in a form of viral videos produced by those who have the know how, and product video ads based on video templates that are accessible to anyone. Here are a few notes about them and a couple of examples. Also, at the end of the article I will talk about how to go lean, and hyper-targeted with your videos.

New Video Marketing

Making a small business video today is much easier than it was a couple of decades ago, due to several reasons: people like to take control into their hands, not depend on marketing agencies, and the technology is much more advanced than before. With devices like HD cameras, drones for video production and editing tools like Adobe Premiere, which are ideal for novice users, and a little bit of creativity, you too can make great and effective videos. Moreover, today’s market even prefers low-budget presentations that are clearly more personal than a generic video from a big production company. Finally, if you manage to strike the right chord, these videos are easily spread among people on social sites like Facebook and YouTube.

Central Florida Zoo – Nature Calling

Based on humorous effect produced in disappointed expectations of an animals lover, this Central Florida Zoo commercial presents a funny look on a serious thing – what you can hear in a zoo, instead of what you can see. The manipulating sound brings forward a slightly inappropriate effect, but this video is a clear example of how important places get treated in a down-to-earth manner that everyone is familiar with. Ultimately, this full minute of animal noises is much more effective than a full hour of them boringly prancing around.

A Melbourne Printing Service Odyssey – Print Without Drama

A combination of various movie/TV references is never boring, as it can be seen in this commercial for Norwood printing services from Melbourne. It mixes a well-known office atmosphere and “a problem with the printer” with quotes from Predator, Gladiator, Braveheart and other movies. Of course, an obvious; 2001: A Space Odyssey reference is obvious and completes the picture.

Allstate Insurance – Mayhem

Being just one of the full set of Allstate Insurance’s commercials titled “Mayhem” – and for a good reason – this one gets you in a familiar situation with a nearly fatal outcome. Not only does your phone start ringing while you are driving, but you cannot seem to find it anywhere, and that is when the real mayhem begins. We have all been there, but a punch line as funny as this one is rarely seen, especially with insurance companies. If you laughed for this commercial, then you are in for a treat because they have many more like this one on their youtube channel.

Shake Weight™ – Shake Weight

Yes, a little excessive fat on your arms can make you feel insecure, but are they such a big problem area that you need yet another “magical” exercise equipment producing muscles “instantaneously”? However, that is not this commercial’s main issue, but Shake Weight’s presentation is off in more ways than one – the actors, the camera, the music, everything! It does not really matter that the product itself looks too silly and sexist to be taken seriously, but who would want to buy it after it was so heavily mocked in South Park’s episode “Crème Fraiche” in 2010?

Laser Targeted Video Marketing

But not all videos need to be custom made or have a big budget or long production time. Utilising cheap and effective video ad tools, coupled with the hyper surgical targeting capabilities of today’s ad/social networks is crucial for video marketers today. While the costs for making videos at scale is ever decreasing, the increased ad targeting capabilities marketers enjoy today is giving them unprecedented opportunities to succeed with their marketing efforts. Are you running an e-commerce site selling yoga equipment? Target yoga lovers in your target demographic/market with a video ad for your latest product and an exclusive offer. Video ads on Facebook can be super efficient for brands, with CTRs, continuously beating regular image or text ads.

The Future of Video Marketing

It is safe to assume that more and more small business owners will engage in DIY videos, which is good for marketing as a whole – this means more creativity and excitement, with different results that will excite their customers and clients. Ultimately, Facebook and YouTube users will be happy as well, as they’re clearly eating up all this new video content that they are being served.

About Marcus Jensen:

hsAlthough a Physics graduate, Marcus opted for work in technology, marketing and web fields. He owns a Cat with a pirate eye patch, likes an occasional game or two and has seen Star Wars 44 times.

You can reach him via Facebook or Twitter.


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