Video Marketing For Restaurants – Great Videos Restaurants Can Use to Boost Sales

Restaurants, cafes, delis and bars are some of our favorite customers at Shakr, because they make such delicious videos.

And that’s why these eateries are using video: They can tempt passers by, they can show mothwatering specials to diners and they can upsell specials. Making a video is far faster, cheaper and easier than printing out new posters, menu inserts and A-frames.

One restaurant not far from our office in Seoul has placed Android tablets at every table, playing videos of high-margin specials. Want that delicious-looking Terayki Chicken? Just press the button in the corner of the screen.

(Jump to 3:00 to see the tablets in action.)

Here are some of our favorite Shakr videos for the food service industry:

Fresh and Delicious

Show off the mouthwatering goodness of what you’re serving up. It doesn’t get any fresher than this.

Make Fresh & Delicious   Make Fresh & Delicious with Video


Good, honest food. That’s what this style is about. Works perfectly for an online ad, a Facebook promo or an electronic menu.

Make Homemade (30 second)   20 second   15 second

Restaurant Featured Items

Use this simple, neutral-themed template to showcase the top three items on your menu that day, week or month, just by adding images, descriptions and price. There’s also a calorie count field.

Make the White Version   Make the Charcoal Version

Remember, Shakr videos are always free to make, share on social media and embed in your blog or website. You only pay if you want to remove the Shakr logo and download the high-quality video file.

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