Video Marketing For Colleges – How Georgetown College Use Shakr Videos

Businesses from all over the world, across numerous industries, are using Shakr videos to engage their social media following, increase CTRs in online ads and create great content for their website visitors. From time to time, we will show you how marketers are using Shakr in their field. This time it’s time for an interview with Brandon Moore, Director of Digital & Web Marketing at Georgetown College. We reached out to him to ask about how they are using Shakr in a college environment.


Video Marketing For Colleges
Georgetown College Website


1. How did you find out about Shakr?

“We’re always researching new and useful resources that help us accomplish more and be more efficient. We found out about Shakr through a TechCrunch tweet/link to an article back in 2014. We have used Shakr since then.”

2. What has Shakr enabled you to do?

“Shakr has given us the resources to create videos to promote the Georgetown College football, basketball and lacrosse teams, tell stories about spring break service projects, highlight our unique partnership with the University of Oxford, and raise awareness of a new academic program for Social & Criminal Justice. We use it for various reasons across our marketing efforts.”

3. Where are you featuring the videos?

“Videos we create are being embedded on the Georgetown College website and shared via Facebook and Twitter. Some are even being shared by text message by our Admission Counselors.”

4. What do you feel they have given you?

“Shakr has provided us a means of creating professional-quality HD videos with minimal time required for editing. The ability to select a video theme that fits our purpose, upload some photos and video clips, then download a video that is ready to publish, all in a matter of minutes is a huge benefit for us. We’re a small team that wears lots of different hats throughout the day, so we’ve found Shakr to be extremely helpful for making more efficient use of our time.”

5. What do you think about using video as a marketing tool?

“Video can be a powerful tool for communicating stories, but it can also be very time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive to produce. A resource like Shakr addresses many of the pain points and allows organizations of all sizes and resource levels to create quality videos that connect with the audience.”

Here is a video that Brandon made for Georgetown College with Shakr:

No matter what industry you are in, video marketing has the potential to be one of your best marketing strategies. They fact that Shakr templates are so versatile makes them perfect for all industries out there, whether you want to use them to acquire new leads and users or engage and communicate with stakeholders like Georgetown College does. Video marketing for colleges is an effective and fun way to engage with the students of your college or university.

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