[Infographic] Facebook Mobile and Video Growth Drives Revenue

Facebook recently announced new impressive numbers for their growth in the mobile and video areas. The report states that mobile drove growth for Facebook’s digital advertising business during the first quarter of the year, accounting for nearly three-quarters (73%) of Facebook’s ad revenue. And video viewership is still growing exponentially on Facebook, particularly on mobile. More than 4 billion videos were watched daily on Facebook during the Q1 2015, with 3/4 of video views occurring on mobile. See more in this infographic we put together.

facebook mobile and video growth
Source: Facebook mobile and video growth – BI Intelligence.

Advertisers that can’t afford to create and distribute TV ads can today create TV-like videos (with services like Shakr), promote them, for a fraction of the price of traditional TV commercial spots, with Facebook ads, and still reach a huge TV-like audience. Or they can go narrower, towards a smaller, more targeted audience if they choose. The beauty of coupling cheap video creation with hyper-focused targeting options from Facebook and Google is that you choose exactly what demographic you want to reach. Are you selling wedding invitation packages? Target newly engaged women in their 20s and 30s. Selling baseball apparel? Only promote your New York Mets shirt to actual New York Mets fans. Facebook is enabling the little guy to reach exactly the people they should, and video gives the little guy the power to convert those people into customers.
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