Three Awesome Video Marketing Tutorials

Video marketing is hard work, but it becomes a lot easier once you master some of the technical aspects. We’ve put together three video tutorials that are really useful for any small business that’s looking to leverage video. Remember that video tends to rank highly in Google’s organic search results. Videos appeared in seven percent more searches at the start of 2014, versus a year before.

To help you be more effective with your video marketing, and get your videos in front of more customers, we’ve put together three must-watch video marketing tutorials. Have a look and let us know what you think.

How to Embed Video in WordPress Posts

Here’s a full how-to for adding video clips into your WordPress posts using Vimeo or Shakr. The same method works with almost any video sharing service.

How to Easily Add Video to Landing Pages

Adding video to your landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%. Here’s how you can add video to any landing page. In this example we use Unbounce to create the landing pages and show you how to embed videos from Shakr, YouTube and Vimeo.

How to Triple your Email Click-Throughs with Video

Did you know that using videos in your marketing emails can triple or even quintuple your click-through rate?

Go create your first video on Shakr, where small and local businesses can make great video ads in minutes, without editing skills or fancy software. Make a free video at Shakr, today.

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  • Video is a super powerful tool. And the current version of WWordpress makes embedding videos a snap. You don’t (necessarily) even need any plug-ins, unless there are some custom things you want to do. Thanks for the great article.

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