Stats: Why you Must Use High Resolution Video Ads

People respond much more favourably to high resolution video ads, says recent study by PointRoll. This helps confirm what many of us have long suspected.

Here are a few key statistics from the study. On a scale of 1-10:

  • Viewers  on a computer gave high resolution ads a 7.2
  • Viewers rated high resolution tablet ads a 6.8
  • They gave low-res ads on a computer a 6
  • They gave low-res ads on a tablet at 6.1

Read the full review of the study from MediaPost.

Just as a reminder, all of Shakr’s video ads are HD quality and work perfectly on computers, tablets and smartphones. You can make, share and embed them for free at

(And yeah, we love that image at the top of this post too. The best of stock photography.)

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