Small Businesses Need Video Ads Now!

Video is not optional anymore. It’s a must-have. Spending on video advertising grew by 76 percent in FY 2014, according to the most recent Online Advertising Expenditure Report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

This spending was mostly due to a shift in resources by big advertisers that have moved money away from TV and toward digital video because it offers greater flexibility, greater measurability and higher ROI, thanks to real time buying (RTB).

As a result, online video advertising is growing faster than almost any other form of digital advertising. TV is shrinking. Newspaper and radio are on life support. Search and display ads are effectively flat. (Source)

The good news for small businesses is that now you can now use video ads on YouTube, Facebook, BrightRoll, TubeMogul and other platforms to compete on an even playing field with giant corporations. You can make ads that are look better, are more relevant to local customers and that cost less than big, deep-pocketed competitors.

Why move to video ads now?

  • Video inventory still outstrips demand for ads, so rates are cheap. (Don’t listen to the hype that says video ads are more expensive than TV. You only pay for video ad impressions if people actually watch your ads.)
  • Video ads have the highest Click-Through Rate of any digital ad format. (Source)
  • With tools like Shakr and the ubiquity of high-quality cameras and video cameras on smartphones, production costs are negligible.

Waiting to get started with video is no longer an option. It’s time to make your play. Small Businesses Need Video Ads Now!

David Lee is the CEO of Shakr Media, which empowers small businesses to make professional-quality videos in minutes inside of their web browsers. Get started making a video with Shakr for free today.

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