Shakr is “Thriving,” says Arirang TV

Arirang TV’s Connie Kim dropped by Shakr last week to speak on-camera with our CEO, David. She shows how, with the right product, the right people, and enthusiastic investors like NHN, POSCO and 500 Startups, Korean startups can thrive while helping other small businesses succeed.

Here’s a great quote from David that explains the essence of what we’re doing:

“I think of video as the most powerful storytelling medium. When you and I are here face-to-face talking, that’s a powerful telling medium. So I thought that it would be necessary and desirable for many people, everyone, not just the people with the big production budgets and the fancy expensive cameras to be able to do video, but for everyone to do great video.”

Welcome to the REAL creation economy.

Our thanks go out to Connie, Arirang TV and all of our customers.

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