Announcing Shakr Advertise!

Today is a proud day for the team here at Shakr. We’re happy to announce that we’ve rolled out a new product inside of Shakr. We call it Shakr Advertise.

With Shakr Advertise you can easily promote your Shakr-made videos on Facebook and Instagram, right inside of

No need to download your videos and use the clunky Facebook Ads Manager, you can simply press the “Create Campaign” button and easily create a Facebook campaign.

Here’s how you can create your first Facebook and Instagram campaign with Shakr Advertise:

1. Make an awesome video with Shakr

2. Click the “Create Campaign” button on the video player modal. (Or click “Campaigns” in the user menu)

3. Select your Facebook page and Instagram page

4. Create your ad.

5. Set placement options and targeting.

6. See insights of how well your video is doing.

And, as a limited time promotional offer, we’re offering $20 in ad spend to all Shakr Standard and Premium users. Go ahead and create your first campaign on Shakr Advertise, and keep your eyes pealed because we have some exciting new additions in the product roadmap coming up in the next couple of months.

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Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Shakr

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