Instagram As A Marketing Tool – A Simple Guide

Marketing videos are created to tell a story. But when making a video, marketers have several questions in mind. Like, for example, what is the best time frame for a promotional video? Will my viewers lose their interest if the videos are long?

Well, brands that have leveraged the benefits of video marketing agree that short videos have a definite edge over the longer version when it comes to driving traffic and boosting conversion rates. Thousands of short videos are posted on the Internet on a daily basis and they help improve viewer engagement and conversion because they are ‘fast and easy’ for the viewers.

As far as video marketing on social media is concerned, Instagram and Vine are two platforms not to be ignored by marketers. But, the question in everyone’s mind: Instagram or Vine – which is better?

Instagram as a marketing tool

Most marketers believe that Video marketing on Instagram is better than Vine.

Here are a few reasons why Instagram as a marketing tool is a better choice for marketers:

    1. Wider reach

With over 400 million active users, Instagram is growing at a record-breaking pace when compared to Vine which has just over 200 million users worldwide (as of December 2015).

In fact, the growth of Vine slowed down after Instagram added the video sharing feature on its platform.

    2. Facebook vs. Twitter impacts Instagram vs. Vine

Instagram is owned by Facebook, which has over 1.4 billion users worldwide whereas Vine belongs to Twitter, which has just 400 million users as of 2015.

The reach is definitely more among Facebook users than Twitter fans. In turn, this gives an indirect advantage to Instagram video marketers especially when cross promoting on multiple social networks.

     3. Filters

When it comes to video marketing, beautiful content is what attracts the attention of people on social media. Instagram allows you to spice up your videos using filters.

Add a personal touch or create a welcoming background for your videos and make them more shareable. Vine users will have to miss out the benefits of Instagram filters.

    4. The 15 seconds advantage

It’s easy to make users laugh with a six-second video on Vine but realistically speaking they are not the best choice for product or service marketing.

Instagram lets you talk more with its 15-seconds video feature, so this again is something you need to consider when comparing the two video sharing platforms.

Tips for getting started with Instagram as a marketing tool

Curious to get started on Instagram video marketing? Here are some actionable ways to get the ball rolling:

    1. Make Instagram-friendly videos of your product

When creating micro videos for your product, ask yourself whether you have covered these in your content:

  • Brief information about your product
  • How to use them
  • (if time permits), how to style them

    2. Take advantage of the major events and seasons

People love exploring content related to the present trends or happenings.

Make sure to tailor your marketing videos around the major events in your area and also the most popular festivals such as Christmas and Halloween.

    3. Bring the people behind the scenes in front of the camera

Why not give your audience a visual tour of your company? Put your employees and managers in the videos.

Also, be sure to demonstrate briefly the making and delivery of your products. Your audiences are going to love them.

    4. Launch a mini-series of videos

Sometimes, it might be difficult to compress a long story into a 15-second video.

In that case, you could launch a mini-series of videos and cover the important aspects of your products, so that nothing gets missed out.

    5. Make your audience to interact

The final step is to spark conversation and engagement from your followers. Running a rewarding contest or asking suggestions of your upcoming product through visually engaging videos would help improve the user interaction to a great extent. Try it!

Brands that improved their online popularity using Instagram as a marketing tool

Before you get started, here’s some inspiration from brands that have successfully launched their products/services using video marketing on Instagram.

Additional tip: Here are some simple steps to create a .gif for Instagram marketing.

These apps might help

1. iMovie (iOS)

2. Yakit (iOS)

3. PicPlayPost (iOS)


5. 8mm Vintage Camera (iOS and Android)


That’s it from us, folks! From our experience, these are the best known ways to leverage the benefits of video marketing on Instagram and boost your traffic and sales on a budget. So, how do you compare video marketing on Instagram with that of Vine? Have you benefited from this piece of content?

If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to let us know them using the comments. See you there. Happy Video marketing!

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