Increase Landing Page Conversions by 80% With Video

A well-optimised landing page can increase your conversion rates hundreds of times over just dumping people on your homepage. According to Unbounce, which powers our landing pages at Shakr, you can increase landing page conversion by 80% by using video.

On one of our most successful landing pages, we use a collage of videos made by Shakr customers, playing in the background.

Unbounce has a great blog post that outlines seven ways to make video more effective on landing pages. Here are the three points that I think are most important:

  1. Test autoplay vs. press play.
  2. Add a call to action (CTA) to your video.
  3. Try short and long versions to see what your customers need.

So, are you ready to try making a video for your landing page? Here are four Shakr video styles that I think are great for landing page videos. Just remember to put that call to action in at the end!

Powerful Cars

This style isn’t just for cars. It’s high-energy and can be focused on either a specific product or your company more generally.

Make the Powerful Cars Video    Make the Powerful Cars Video (Using video clips)

Let’s Go

Upbeat, with big text, this style helps get your message across at a glance.

Make the Let’s Go Video

Vibrant Tour

Giant images with tasteful text overlays and transitions, this style is class, all the way.

Make the Vibrant Tour Video

Party & Event Poster

If high energy is what you need, try this video style. It also provides plenty of room for text.

Make the Party & Event Poster Video

 Bonus Styles for App Developers

Every app needs a landing page and every app needs a trailer on that landing page to show people what gameplay and characters will look like. We have an entire collection of game trailer video styles that will look great on your landing page.

Remember, Shakr videos are always free to make, share on social media and embed in your blog or website. You only pay if you want to remove the Shakr logo and download the high-quality video file.

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