Facebook is the Heir Apparent of Online Video Ads

Video is not optional anymore. It’s a must-have. Spending on video advertising grew by 76 percent in FY 2014. And now, with the wide release of Facebook’s Premium Video Ads, small businesses can finally take advantage of video advertising in a big way.

Video consumption on Facebook is skyrocketing.

Facebook launches Premium Video Ads for everyone. With 1 billion video views per day, video consumption on Facebook is skyrocketing. Between May and July, mobile consumption of video on Facebook grew by 65%. Overall, Facebook’s video consumption has grown 50% in that same period. Facebook has come a long way in a very short time with online video. Today, we’re seeing trendsetters like Beyoncé choosing Facebook video over YouTube. The numbers don’t lie – within 24 hours of posting a video to Facebook, Beyoncé saw 2.4M views. On YouTube? 10,000 views in the first 4 hours.

Maybe this is because of presence. (More people on Facebook, more often.)  Maybe it’s because of the deeply social nature of Facebook. (Facebook used to drive traffic for YouTube, now it drives traffic for its own video views.) Maybe it’s because of Auto Play. Whatever it is, Facebook is now the heir apparent of online video.

And this is translating into phenomenal results for advertisers.

Facebook video ads drive results for brands across many industries.

But what about small business advertisers? Last week, Facebook opened up Premium Video Ads for all advertisers, even those with budgets as small as just a few dollars. Using the new Video Views targeting option, small business advertisers are able to tap into some of the most effective and affordable video impressions on the web.

Shakr customers are moving to Facebook online video ads ahead of all other SMBs. It’s not a matter of which SMBs see the incredible value of Facebook Video Ads — it boils down to who has access. Shakr customers have front-of-the-line access because our customers are among the very few who have video creative. Most small businesses don’t think they can afford to produce video ad creative, because of large upfront production costs that run into the high thousands of dollars. Making a video ad at Shakr is free. Once you’ve got the video creative produced, running an ad is easy and affordable with Facebook Video Ads. If you or someone you know is a small business owner that wants to get involved in video advertising, check out Shakr.com to make a video for free. Once you’ve got your video creative produced, the world of Facebook Video Advertising is wide open to you.

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