Customer Stories: Seoul’s Well Dressed

Until recently, South Korea’s capital, Seoul, had a reputation for being formal and uptight, with salarymen wearing saggy suits seven-days-a-week. Over the past decade however, the formality has waned. Workplaces have loosened restrictions and younger people’s growing incomes have allowed them to experiment with fast fashion and designer jeans.

As these trendsetters start to grow up, though, they want to recapture some of the formality, minus the frump. At the same time, Seoul has moved beyond being a hardship posting for stylish expat professionals, emerging as an assignment of choice.

Who can serve the needs of both sets? Enter Well Dressed, Korea’s only foreigner-operated tailor shop, which offers men’s and women’s made-to-measure and bespoke tailoring, men’s accessories and bespoke shoes. Having opened in early 2014, Well Dressed seeks to serve those who have a desire to dress well and look their best, but lack the information and confidence that enable them to do so.


Well Dressed has integrated a style and image consulting service into its business model, and also hosts  small gatherings and social events to promote a ‘well-dressed’ lifestyle.

The following is a Q&A with Todd Sample, President of Well Dressed:

Where are you located?

Well Dressed is located at 1554-1 Seocho-dong, 5 minutes from the heart of Gangnam.

Who is involved in the company?

Well Dressed is a partnership between Todd Sample and Gina Hwang, two individuals who had a mutual desire to promote tailored clothing to Korea’s local and international communities.

What sets you apart from competitors? What’s your speciality?

Well Dressed is able to address the tailoring needs of both the local and international communities in Korea with a level of service and understanding of customer expectations that other tailor shops cannot match. We are also well positioned to serve customers outside of Korea without concern for the language barrier or misunderstandings due to cultural differences.


What’s your dream for the company?

My dream for Well Dressed is that we succeed in promoting a greater appreciation of tailored clothing in Korea, while simultaneously bringing well-deserved attention to Korea’s tailoring industry.

How are you using video, and why?

The success of Well Dressed has a direct correlation to how well we are able to emphasize the visual aspects of how tailored clothing differs from off-the-rack. There remains a lack of knowledge in this regard and I believe that video can shine a light on tailoring’s advantages concerning the proper fit and integrating individual tastes and styles into the clothing we wear.

Want to make videos like these? The first video for Well Dressed uses Shakr’s The Expert video style. The second video uses the Gentle Breeze video style, and appeared as part of Shakr’s Gangnam Billboard Campaign. Try making your own.

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