11 Amazing Video Ad Templates for Car Dealers

Just in time for the New York Auto Show, we’re launching 11 video ad templates that car dealerships can use to make professional quality ads that are ready to go on YouTube, on the TVs in your dealership or even run as part of your TV ad campaign.

These videos ads are drag-and-drop simple to make. All you need are a few photos or video clips. And the results are incredible. Check out these three examples of beautiful car dealer ads made using Shakr.



Powerful Cars

What’s really amazing is that these ads just cost $50 to $60. Most car dealers pay more than $1,000 for video ads that aren’t even this quality.

To get started, check out Shakr’s full gallery of automotive video ad templates for car dealerships. If you’ve already got pictures of the models you want to promote, you’ll probably have your first ad ready in about 15 – 20 minutes.

If you need some help getting started with Shakr, watch our five-minute video tutorial.

Follow this link to get started using Shakr to make ads for your car dealership today. You’ll be ready for all the new models, before they arrive in your showroom.

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