Brand Video Breakdown: How Burrow Makes Persona Videos that Resonate

Here at Shakr, we talk a lot about how to create incredible video marketing campaigns that will help you establish your brand and attract your target audience.

Sometimes, the best way to do this is to actually breakdown a unique, highly successful video campaign and see what other brands can take away from its strategies, so we’re launching our new brand video breakdown series to help with this.

In this first post of the series, we’ll look at D2C furniture company Burrow. They only make couches, but the use persona-based, artfully-shot videos that are effective. Let’s take a look at why they work so well and how you can implement these strategies in your own campaigns.

About Burrow

Burrow is a furniture company that’s all about the couches. They sell different configurations of sofas (think custom measurements and style options) that can be customized online and delivered within one week.

burrow persona videos

They’ve also got a collection of pillows and throws that you can use to bring the whole look together, giving you a one-stop-shop for complete sofa furnishings.

That being said, they only really sell sofas, which plenty of quality furniture stores online do in addition to full furniture sets. Especially with big names like Havertys in the mix, which also offer customization, Burrow was in an over-saturated market and is still making it work. Their persona videos helped with that.

Their Video Campaigns: The Break Down

If you check out Burrow’s YouTube channel, you’ll see two distinct ad campaigns: Real People and Good for Nothing.

The former focuses on real people using the sofa, and the latter opts for a more humorous approach showing people incredibly comfortable on their couches.

The video campaign that we’ll be looking at closely here is the Real People series.

Here are a few of the videos in the series:

Kai Avent-Deleon’s video, for example, talked about how she won’t give up being herself as she becomes a mother, and how self-care is so important as she reclines across the luxurious sofa.

Rafa Prieto’s, on the other hand, is all about creativity and differing experiences, and how we have time for so many different life experiences.

These videos are short- exactly 30 seconds a piece, and they use distinct personalities and these people’s stories to capture user attention. That kind of customer connection is valuable, and it aligns with their custom-for-you features that’s so central to their brand. The videos are also interesting and hit that emotional center in our brains, making them more memorable and more likely to be shared.

The Takeaway: How to Create Strong Persona-Based Videos For Your Brand  

When it comes to persona video campaigns, there are a number of lessons we should take away from Burrow’s campaign. Let’s let at each and how you can adapt them for your brand.

Feature Distinct Personas

One of the first thing that you’ll notice watching all the videos back to back is that these are all very different people with very different lives. We have a mother who is a chef/restaurant owner working 16 hour days; a creative designer who thrives in living experiences; an expecting woman who is talking about the importance of self care and still having time for herself, and so much more.

Part of the reason these campaigns work so well is by featuring different personas, the campaign will appeal to a wider audience base. Most men won’t necessarily see a commercial from the mom to be and really relate to it, for example. If you’re running targeted ad campaigns, you can use this to your advantage to pair up the right ad with the right audience, and they’ll feel like their values are appreciated by the brand.

Having very different personas in the videos also gives more room for storytelling, because you’re telling multiple distinct stories instead of repeating the same ideas over and over.

Keep it Short

Each video is exactly thirty seconds (even though the YouTube playlist says 31). Videos this short are going to have a much higher viewer retention rate, and since the video isn’t going hard for sales, you don’t need to be taking up a ton of time to make a big impression. All you do need is to drop that outro screen at the very end, with your business’s name and tagline.

Make it Feel Real

These videos practically reek of authenticity; they wouldn’t be nearly as effective if they didn’t. It feels like real people talking about real pain points, experiences, or values in their life. Each one won’t appeal to every person, but every person will be able to identify with at least one video.

If you’re going to opt for persona videos, make sure that it doesn’t feel too scripted or forced. Use real customers or employees if at all possible, and make sure that it doesn’t come across as a hard sell instead of an interesting story.


Video marketing can take a lot of different shapes, which is how we’ve gotten everything from The Old Spice Man to Super Bowl commercials about domestic abuse that will give you anxiety. When you’re deciding what type of branded video campaign you want to campaign, it’s often a good idea to look at strategies that you already know are successful and adapt the relevant ones for your brand.

Burrow’s strategy feels original and fresh, but it can easily be adapted for any number of brands. Having customers talk about their life while they use their product and tie it in even a little (and even if only visually) can work well for plenty of B2B and B2C brands. As long as you’re able to come across as authentic, you can emulate these results for yourself.

Interested in creating a cohesive video series to advance your brand and help you connect with your target audience? Learn more about how Shakr can help.

Ana Gotter is a business writer specializing in social media and content marketing, though she writes on a variety of other niches and subjects. She can be contacted at

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