Check Out Shakr’s New Look + Logo!

We’ve got exciting news to share today – Shakr has a new look and feel!

Over the years, we’ve been improving our platform, introducing new features, and expanding our teams across the globe. So as Shakr grows, we want our brand to best reflect why we exist, what we believe in, and where we’re headed. To do this, we needed a brand as strong as its people, and even more important, a brand that moves towards the scale of success of social media. For Shakr, this marks a new chapter in our ongoing mission to help brands and marketers succeed on social media.  

Tell Better Stories, Faster 

Constantly, we ask ourselves: Who are we? What is our ultimate goal? What sets us apart from the rest? And for the past years and with hundreds of marketers using our platform, these have always been the questions in our mind. As we rebranded, we revisited these questions in an effort to build a new promise to our customers– Tell Better Stories Faster.

We want to tell all stories at the scale of social media success, by providing the tools to helps marketers tell fresh stories that speak to consumers and inspire engagement.

We knew that advertisers and marketers all understood the idea that serving relevant content is important. Smart marketers understand best practice and traditional method– personalization, being contextually relevant, seasonal content, format optimization, and a/b testing are essential and important for social media success. But it became obvious to us how rare and hard it was to find those who had a thorough understanding of what that meant in terms of the sheer volume of creative. All best practices and traditional method included, the number of creative assets that they would have on hand, even before having a video for every single one of the products in their catalog, is in the realm of thousands of video assets. The new bar for success is a thousand videos. 

The rise of social media has changed consumers’ expectations for marketing messages, and Shakr provides marketers with the tools to meet those expectations. Our Solution helps marketers tell fresh stories that speak to consumers and inspire engagement by quickly generating thousands of personalized marketing videos based on advertising assets that marketers have already produced.

The new bar for success is a thousand videos. 

Our visual identity: The Prism Icon

The Shakr visual identity is more than just its logo but a reflection of the scale of success on social media.

Similar to a prism, as it disperses a single beam of light into the colors of the rainbow fast and dynamically,  Shakr quickly and efficiently increases your presence and consumer engagement on social media — all built on the foundation of your creative. Shakr allows markers to bring true color to their stories exponentially on social media.

The new icon is minimal, elegant, and versatile. It’s made from two chevrons that serve as a framing device and arrows to indicate scale which propels the Shakr brand to move towards a more visually dynamic look. It is a symbol that showcases Shakr’s ability to focus on clients’ creative to scale. Shakr understands the importance of efforts of your in-house creative team which is why we moved away from designing and into scaling your best creative through personalization.

Succeed On Social Media With Shakr

Shakr dramatically propels marketers’ social media effectiveness by providing a better platform to scale and personalize their video marketing initiatives.

With the help of Shakr’s technology, brands can now move beyond the first mile of video marketing. Shakr’s unprecedented and unrivaled video creation technology will help your brand render thousands of videos within minutes at the touch of a button. 

Personalization and ROI work hand in hand. Shakr automatically gives you the right size and formats for Facebook News Feed, Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories, and much more. Start increasing your creative output by breathing scale into the work produced by your existing creative ecosystem.

Easy to Use

Empower your entire social media teams to create videos.

Automate with your data

Get months of production done in minutes.

Works with YOUR creative

You’ve gone the first mile. Now let us take you to infinity.

For smart markets ready to take the step beyond the first mile,  Shakr is here to take you to the next level.Contact us for more info.

Slye is an inbound marketing professional who specializes in growth-focused content marketing. He is the Managing Director at Content Hacker.

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