Why Marketing Agencies Are Losing Money By Ignoring Video Marketing

Marketing agencies are specialists at following the latest development in the marketing world, often seeing the potential of an up and coming platform way before their client see it. It is thereafter often up to the marketing agency to convince the client to put effort into the social network. How many marketers didn’t have to push for their clients to understand the value of social media for example?

But when it comes to video marketing, an interesting thing has happened. The increased focus Facebook has put on its video features during the last few years really helped put the spotlight on video marketing, and smart marketer took advantage of the cheap video view impressions that Facebook offered.

Video get higher organic reach on Facebook pages, higher relevance scores (which in turn unlock cheaper ad inventory for the advertiser), increase brand and message recall, decrease website bounce rates and increase conversion rates. It’s even easier to rank in the SERPs with a video than it is with a blog post (usually).

When put like that, you’d think that any marketing agency would push their clients hard to use video right? Well, if your agency does that, fair play to you, both most don’t. Sure, it’s discussed in team meetings and they know that video is hot right now. But still they don’t manage to help their clients rock video marketing. The fact is that many marketing agencies are losing money by ignoring video. Why? Here’s a few reasons.

marketing agencies are loosing money by ignoring video

Video Is Complicated

Right? Are you going to go to the offices of your client and film them… doing what? What kind of videos should you make? Video testimonials? Video ads? How-to videos? Promotional videos? Making a video marketing strategy can be hard, and depends heavily on what kind of business you’re dealing with.

And what do you know about editing, adding special effects, texts and stuff? Maybe you once made a video of a trip with your spouse, but you know, you need higher quality than that. Should you hire a video guy to produce video in-house? How many times can you use a licensed Adobe After Effects file? What about music? You need to license that as well.

The simple looking term “video marketing” suddenly got a whole lot more complicated.

marketing agencies are loosing money by ignoring video

Video is Expensive

Expensive cameras, Adobe After Effects template licenses, post production software (don’t forget man-hours of post production editing), and music licensing is a hassle to sort out. Looking to hire a video guy for the day? Be prepared to shell out around $1000. The costs pile up and quickly get out of hand. All you wanted was to create a simple sale announcement or a mobile app install video. The costs quickly wipes out the potential ROI you’d get from a video ad campaign on YouTube or Facebook (unless your looking at doing video campaigns for a brand with a VERY sizable marketing budget).

marketing agencies are loosing money by ignoring video

How To Deliver Awesome Video Marketing Value To Your Clients, Without Breaking The Bank

Coupled with Facebook’s and YouTube/Google’s massive targeting capabilities you can deliver amazing value for your clients. Using cheap but effective video ads on Facebook can transform a Facebook page’s engagement rates and earn you the plaudits from your clients.

There are a lot of different kinds of video you can make as a marketer, but as a marketing agency, it can be difficult to imagine how you’d incorporate video in your work for your clients. A blog post can be written anywhere, but how could you record a video about your client, relevant to their following, from your office? Well sometimes, you can’t. But more often than not, you can use video to drive meaningful results for them.

For example, is your client an e-commerce site that have an upcoming sale event? Make a video announcing the sale and run ads to their Facebook or Instagram fans. Is your client selling men’s hair gel? Make a product promo video and target around how-to video about men’s hairstyles on Youtube.

A good video will drive engagement, traffic and unlock cheaper ad inventory for your regular ads on Facebook and you can reach exactly the demographic you’re targeting. On YouTube you can do perfect intent marketing and reach prospects exactly when they’re in a problem solving mood.

There are a thousand ways that video can be relevant for your clients, and with the adoption rate of video marketing as a background, if you don’t adapt to it, you might lose out to competitors who do.

To The Rescue (1)

Shakr To The Rescue

So how do you make a great promotion video? Get some product photos and video clips from your clients and spend the rest of eternity in some godforsaken video editing suite? No thank you sir.

Luckily we at Shakr have created what we (and our customers) think is the best video creation solution out there. You can make what would’ve taken a custom video designer hours (and a very hefty fee) to produce, in less than 15 minutes. Choose a video design, add your photos/video clips, and change the text to your liking. All in your browser, for less than $100. You don’t even have to pay for the video until your client have approved it! Get a watermarked video for free, and only upgrade if you want to download it.

Go try us out now, and let us know in the comments how you work with video marketing for your clients.


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