Customer Stories: The Evolve Group

At Shakr, we love to meet innovators because we see them as kindred spirits. The Evolve Group defines innovation. We learned about this company, when their Marketing Manager, Paul, started using Shakr to make videos for products his company has helped create. Here’s an example:

Read more about the company that created the TRED Off-road Vehicle Recovery system, featured in that video, and find out about some of their other innovations.

What is the Evolve Group?

We are a one stop shop for new product development with a proven track record of bringing successful products to market, both here in Australia and abroad. We cover the whole process of product innovation, end-to-end, providing consultative product design and development, prototyping, tool fabrication, manufacturing, sourcing, sales and distribution.

In other words, we work with some of the largest wholesalers and retailers to solve product challenges and continually satisfy their ever-evolving need for ‘New Stuff’.

What are some of your successful brands we might have heard of?

TRED™ [An offroad vehicle recovery device]
Poolrite® [An extensive line of pool equipment]
Handi Block™ [A very cool instant foundation system]

How can people find you online or in real life?

The Evolve Group actively exhibits at trade shows and consumer events around Australia and overseas. You might run into us at pool & spa shows, automotive events, and building, construction and home expos.

Of course, we also have a website and all of the social pages you could imagine:

Who is involved in the company?

As I mentioned before, we provide end-to-end product development across several key business areas, so the skill sets of people on our team are quite diverse. The company’s Managing Director, Ty Hermans and General Manager, Angus Wood head up the company and work closely with the Product Development, Manufacturing & Distribution, and Sales & Marketing teams.

  • Ty Hermans [Managing Director]
  • Angus Wood [General Manager]
  • Paul Wilkie [National Marketing Manager]
  • Luke Sirl [National Sales Manager]
  • Melissa Hudson [Sales Manager – Pools]
  • Mitchell Wright [Graphic Designer]
  • Mayer Jung [Product Designer]
  • Luke Cartwright [Supply Chain Manager]
  • Christine Faichney [Office & Accounts Manager]

What sets you apart from competitors? What’s your speciality?

We specialise in taking concepts from prototype to market-ready products. True innovation is at our core, to us there is no more important thing than to innovate in everything we do. Beyond that, we don’t subscribe to the status quo and we have an unwavering belief in doing things differently. Evolve was born out of a need to break down barriers, approach each and every task with a unique perspective, add value wherever possible, and to ensure we succeed or die trying.

By truly understanding our customer and trade partner needs and desires we stand as experts. We cut through the red tape in feasibility and probability by combining internal know how with close industry and customer relationships. By embracing and developing new technologies, we remain at the forefront of worldwide trends assuring our cost effective and competitive edge. Our success in bringing new products to market is achieved through our steadfast belief in adding value throughout the supply chain and knowing each and every step in the development and commercialisation process. Our ability to take back of the envelope ideas and turn them into real revenue is what sets us apart.

What’s your dream for your business?

We’re not just dreaming when we say that Evolve is geared to become Australia’s pre-eminent product innovation and commercialisation portal. Our capability is vast and our hunger to grow is fierce. We’re primed for the future and we look forward to help bring your next product to life.

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