20 Video Templates You Can Use for Facebook Ads Right Now

There’s no doubt that consumer attention spans are getting smaller and smaller, especially when they’re browsing Facebook. That’s why video ads need to instantly pull people in.

In 2019, video will be more important than ever in social marketing. According to a report from Facebook, the platform sees more than three billion video views every day. And, in order to capture and retain attention, these videos are shorter than ever.

Whether your goal is to build brand awareness, convert new customers, or re-engage existing ones, you need social videos that make an impact. By using video templates, you’ll stand out in the Newsfeed and accomplish your marketing goals. Here are 20 video templates you can use for Facebook Ads right now.

1. Figure Play

Want to catch attention in a modern, playful way? You might use Figure Play to promote a product or service. The template has a high energy, engaging feel that’s sure to capture eyeballs.

2. Calm

If you’re promoting a product or service that offers stress-reduction, you might consider using Calm. The soft purple background, combined with simple image swiping, is a perfect way to promote natural products.


3. Christmas Gift

Are you wishing your audience a Merry Christmas this season? To share some holiday spirit, try Christmas Gift, which is full of playful cartoons, holiday imagery, and well wishes. Gingerbread men even make an appearance.


4. Flip

Want to show the wide array of products you offer? Flip is perfect for showing fashion products like glasses, shoes, mittens, and anything else that’s flippable.


5. Split

The possibilities for Split are endless. This modern video template allows you to swap out a variety of photos to create an eye-catching story. In this example, we love how the glasses dynamically change.


6. Polaroid

Everyone loves an old-school Polaroid, so why not use this template to introduce your products or share your services? The Polaroid template gives you the opportunity to be vintage, old school, and hip– all at the same time.


7. Fashion Mood

Have a feminine product or offer to promote? Consider Fashion Mood, a gorgeous, playful template perfect for showcasing apparel and accessories. With its dynamic pink hue and flashing stars, this template packs a punch.


8. Play Music

If your product makes people want to move and groove, you might consider dropping a beat with the Play Music template. This is a great way to not only promote products, but also events.


9. Modern Overlay

Want a simple, modern way to capture attention? Take a look at Modern Overlay, a straightforward (but impactful!) template that allows you to line up a number of photos, and add your own text.


10. Summer Vacation

No matter the season, sometimes you want to share some summer vibes. Perfect for summer-y clothing (think surfwear and sunglasses), as well as travel offers (think vacations in the Caribbean), Summer Vacation is a go-to template when you need the sun on your side.


11. Modern Art

This modern, sophisticated template is sure to help you reach consumers of all kinds. Modern Art allows you to feature a number of photos, dynamically putting them together to create an engaging short video.


12. Liquid Demo

Liquid Demo is a fun-filled, high energy template that makes a literal splash. It’s a great way to show off what happens when people leverage your product. There are many creative ways to use it, including as a dynamic demo.


13. Watercolor Dynamic

If you want to impart the feeling of calm, rest, and serenity, consider Watercolor Dynamic. The soft tones of this template make it approachable, while the motion makes it interesting enough to capture attention on Facebook.


14. Top Of The Funnel

If you’re advertising a software product or have excellent numbers you want to show off, you might like using Top Of The Funnel. This text-heavy template has exciting, bold colors. It’s high energy and is impossible to ignore.


15. Honeycomb

Honeycomb was built to show off real estate, so if you’re promoting a hotel, vacation package, apartment building, or homes for sale, it may be the perfect way to share. It’s a much more visually interesting way to promote real estate than sharing a few photos.


16. Explainer

This bright and beautiful video design is sure to capture anybody’s attention with its use of bright colors and bold graphical elements. Explainer is a versatile template that allows you to draw attention to a variety of products and services.


17. Sherlock

If you want to get attention from prospective customers, you might consider using Sherlock as a video template. Its quick motion, coupled with eye-catching patterns, is impossible to ignore. Sherlock is well-suited for an explainer video or demo.


18. Mobile Game

If you’ve got a game to promote, you’d be silly to ignore the power of Mobile Game. This template shows off the high-energy fun of mobile games, complete with images of gameplay, as well as the mobile phone itself.


19. Chime

Chime is an amazingly simple template perfect for showcasing high-end apparel and accessories. The power of Chime is in its simplicity– its beautiful colors and eye-catching circle pattern are perfect for promoting a variety of products.


20. Fast And Forward

Fast And Forward uses a bold, urban font overlaying images to capture attention. This is the perfect way to put a few products together, or to tell a quick story. It’s a perfect template for Facebook, as the fast flips will keep viewers engaged.


Super-short video ads that make a splash

Facebook is the perfect place to market your products, but you need to make sure you’re doing it in a way that reaches your audience. Super-short video ads are sure to pack a punch, capturing attention through their quick flips and dynamic text.

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