Trends & Tips to Get Started on TikTok Videos for Brands

Over the past year, we have seen how TikTok truly became a formidable fixture in the realm of social media. As such, businesses from SMEs to MNCs are making their presence known on TikTok to boost their digital presence.

Following the year of global lockdown with at-home consumers vying for online entertainment, 2021 seems to be fueling a year of growth and digital collaborations.

Brands have started to get the hang of the modern video ads terrain on TikTok. Additionally, businesses are also beginning to discover their own niche within the platform.

More and more brands are honing their own TikTok know-how with various video ad campaigns gaining traction with brand followings and product conversions.

Why do brands use TikTok video ads?

As seen by its steady growth and popularity over the past year, TikTok is now becoming one of the biggest social media giants in the industry. Thus, it provides an excellent opportunity for brands to promote their products on the platform. In this case, creative TikTok video ad campaigns can help brands gain traction on the platform. Here are several reasons why TikTok video ads are good for brands:

It offers a huge audience base, mainly Gen Z consumers.

TikTok’s rise to popularity has been unprecedented. It’s now one of the most downloaded apps in the world. Many Gen Z consumers have been using it, but over the past year, we have seen how several older demographics like the Millennials are also embracing the platform.

TikTok video ads will help bring a lot of visitors to the brand. Partnered with the right creatives for the ads, your TikTok audience may find you relatable enough to gain more followers or even brand loyalty. Shakr’s dynamic video creatives will help brands create tailor-made ads for their very own TikTok account. 

It can help brands with genuine engagements.

Brands can easily create a ton of engagements through their TikTok video ads. They just have to be creative and relatable enough for the TikTok community. There will always be someone who will see your ads on TikTok, and it can even go viral on the platform. Shakr can help brands scale their video ad campaigns with the right kind of video templates for the TikTok audience.

It is proven to increase brand awareness.

Of course, more eyeballs on your brand will also increase brand awareness. For TikTok video ads, there is a greater chance to increase the brand’s audience base if you have successfully reached them with your ads. As such, TikTok is one of the most effective platforms if you are looking for a medium to launch your new products and services. Partnered with Shakr’s dynamic video campaigns, brands can create their very own product catalog for TikTok.

It takes brand authenticity seriously.

One of the unique characteristics of TikTok’s audience base is that they crave content that shows brand authenticity. It wants brands to show their unique colors even for mundane daily tasks. With the right messaging and video marketing strategy, brands can showcase their unique personality that distinguishes them from other brands.

2021 TikTok Video Ad Trends

TREND 1: The at-home revolution is here to stay (at least for a while).

TikTok has been dubbed as the “pandemic app” since so many people downloaded it in March 2020 as a form of entertainment at home. As the world continues to work from home, TikTok has continued to fill the void with home entertainment content for its users. TikTok can provide digestible educational videos and short-form online content for its at-home consumers.

TREND 2: The rise of the TikTok Duet feature cannot be ignored.

The increasing use of TikTok’s Duet feature is a good opportunity for brands and influencers to connect with their fans. Duet provides quick and fun content for the brand. It also humanizes the brand as more and more social media users seek a more organic connection on the platform.

TREND 3: More brands and influencers are embracing the platform.

Influencer marketing has been on the rise on TikTok over the past year. Brands are also recognizing the potential of TikTok as the fastest growing social media platform to reach a new audience. Brands can get started on TikTok with Shakr. Shakr is an innovative video creative platform that can help your brand create winning campaigns on TikTok.

TREND 4: Social commerce will be a game-changing feature on the platform.

Late last year, TikTok announced a partnership with Shopify, an e-commerce platform. This collaboration is projected to help Shopify merchants reach their TikTok audience to boost sales. This process is projected to streamline social commerce on the platform as TikTok users will be able to use in-app purchases.

Shakr helps you create dynamic video campaigns for your product catalog on TikTok. It can help you instantly scale your ads instantly and create thousands of videos unique for your individual product catalog.

TREND 5: Branded hashtag challenge will still be as popular as ever.

TikTok’s hashtag challenge is one of the platform’s most popular features. Due to its potential for virality, brands of TikTok have been keen on taking advantage of this feature to boost brand awareness on the platform.

TREND 6: More video ads are coming to the platform.

Given the surge of demand over the past years, brands have been ramping up their video marketing campaigns. In addition, TikTok is also making a conscious effort towards helping brands advertise on the platform. It’s expected that more and more brands will opt-in for TikTok video ads. With Shakr’s innovative video creation platform, brands can easily create high-quality video creatives for their TikTok campaigns.

TREND 7: More celebrities are jumping on the TikTok trend.

With the platform’s massive reach, a number of celebrities around the world are already jumping into the TikTok bandwagon. From singers, actors, reality stars, and even politicians, big names are already joining the TikTok trend. While it’s more popular among the younger generation, these celebrities understand that this is an excellent opportunity to reach their younger fans.

TREND 8: Real and authentic brand content will still be TikTok’s selling point.

TikTok’s bread and butter remain to be its genuine content. Even the platform’s marketing guides emphasize that authenticity is its unique selling point. For brands to achieve success and genuine engagement, they need to post relatable and authentic content that will capture the hearts of their target audience.

Tips and Tricks to Be Successful on TikTok: Tailor Video Ad Campaigns with these Goals

Discovery: Raise awareness for the brand

No one is more of an expert on your products than the brand itself. Think of several creative ways of introducing the brand to your target audience. Highlight the unique attributes and products that people can relate to when creating your video ads. To help your brand tell your story, Shakr has some powerful video automation tools that can help scale your video ads effortlessly.

Consideration: Stand out among competitors

Once a customer has determined the need for specific products, they will evaluate their favored brands that offer similar products or services. Ensure that your brand provides the best solution for what they are looking for through captions or voiceovers on your video ad. Include specific brand attributes that offer a unique selling point among your target audience.

Purchase: Encourage audience to be consumers

While brands often want their ads to look as native as possible on TikTok, don’t hesitate to include a strong call-to-action (CTA) to show users what to do next if they’re interested in the brand. Highlight CTAs with captions or voiceovers and make sure to emphasize purchase and delivery elements that can entice consumers, like free shipping discounts or product promotions.

Brand campaigns that nailed it on TikTok

Pepsi #ThatsWhatILike

Pepsi’s hilarious #ThatsWhatILike campaign encourages a whole new generation of consumers to do what they enjoy even at the expense of other people’s judgment. Garnering over 13 billion views, the campaign expertly used TikTok’s ethos of user-generated content with a good hashtag challenge that encourages people to post silly videos of themselves.

L’Oreal #LetsFaceIt

L’Oreal’s campaign #LetsFaceIt encouraged people to destigmatize mask-wearing in the middle of summer during the height of the pandemic last year. Even while wearing a mask, looking good and feeling beautiful will never go out of style.


My look isn’t complete without my mask #LetsFaceIt #LorealPartner

♬ Baddie – Lillian Hepler

Bagel Bites #BagelBopsContest

Bagel Bites had a hashtag challenge contest called #BagelBopsContest which offered TikTok users a chance to win $10 000 by posting videos that featured an audio clip about pizza being a perfect snack any time of the day. Users can remix, sing, or dance to the official audio clip, drawing 3.6 billion views on the platform in just one month.


#ad I ain’t never seen two pretty best friends until pizza + bagel came along #BagelBopsContest @bagelbitesofficial See for rules.

♬ Bagel Bites Jingle – Bagel Bites

Asos #AySauceChallenge

Clothing brand Asos opt into the branded hashtag challenge on TikTok with the #AySauceChallenge. It invited TikTok users to channel their Asos vibe by showing off a series of outfit changes with music and the augmented reality branded effect. By collaborating with TikTok influencers from the US and UK, the brand has almost 500k videos created with 1.2 billion views in just six days.

Jumpstart on the TikTok bandwagon today!

Get ready with customizable video ad campaigns on TikTok with Shakr. We’re here to help steer your brand campaigns with winning video ads on TikTok.

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