Brand Video Breakdown: Why ThirdLove’s Online Bra Commercials are a Hit With Women

The lingerie industry is worth 13 billion in the United States alone, and with so many enormous names out there, it can be hard to break into it.

And yet several years ago, ThirdLove did exactly that. Though they had a superior product to a large majority of what was out there, it was their advertising that helped them skyrocket to popularity so that people would give them a chance to find out exactly how great it was.

Their video marketing campaigns are a big part of that.

In this month’s Brand Video Breakdown, we’re going to take a look at how ThirdLove created messaging and brand videos that resonated so strongly with their target audience and made a name for themselves in such a competitive industry.

The Brand: ThirdLove

ThirdLove co-founders were tired of owning a ton of expensive bras that were cheaply made and didn’t fit, even though they were the right size. They set out to create a bra that would work well for more women, regardless of different sizes and shapes that are unique to each woman, and they released their first bra in 2013.

They grown exponentially, which is impressive considering their higher-than-average price point that may keep some people from trying them. That being said, they’ve built an incredible brand around inclusivity, comfort, and true fit for all women. They’ve backed this up with nude shades for all different skin tones and a range of extended sizes AND half sizes that most brands don’t carry, proving that they practice what they preach. They also use models of all shapes, sizes, and skin tones in their ads and product images.

The company has rave customer reviews, both for the incredible brand and their product.

The Strategy

A big part of ThirdLove’s strategy has been to use video marketing to spread brand awareness and to define their ideals. There are three incredible examples of video marketing that we want to highlight here: their homepage video, their 360 product videos, and their strong social campaigns.

The Homepage Video  

ThirdLove’s homepage promises “Lace for Every Body,” but they don’t want to let you read the tagline and hope it sinks in, so they have a “Play Video” prompt directly underneath it.

When you click, you see a short video featuring women of all different sizes, skin tones, and even a woman with a prosthetic arm. They highlight the woman’s bra sizes, showing extended sizes, while also listing all the different things that women can be, highlighting that we’re all unique and need a bra that works with that instead of against it.

This is a powerful brand message, and it’s one that resonates with their target audience. Since the company’s branding and mission is such a big part of their success, it’s an excellent move to have it available on the homepage to start off strong with new visitors.

360 Product Videos

On each product page on ThirdLove’s site, they have 360 degree product videos. Users can click, and then turn the bra to view it from every single angle.

This feels high-tech, which can assure customers of the quality of the brand they’re buying from. They can also see the smooth interior straps, memory foam, and no lumpy padding. This can help customers feel more comfortable purchasing online.

Strong Social Videos & Lives

ThirdLove’s Facebook and Instagram game is strong, and that includes their video marketing and their PPC advertising. They have a combination of different approaches they take on the social media marketing platforms.

The first is their informational content, which is designed to offer information about lingerie care, packing, and fit. This is directly relevant to their target audience and extends the lifespan of the product, and often includes Live videos or short Story content to explain quick tips.

The second is their brand-oriented content, which is all about building relationships with the customer and explaining their mission. One example of this was a Facebook video with one of the co-founders explaining why they were boycotting Victoria’s Secret unless they made their show more diverse.

The third is their product videos, which show up most frequently in PPC ads. They’ll showcase new products and explain why they’re a great fit for every individual woman.

One thing to note is that helping women find the perfect fit that works for them and inclusivity is paramount. The fact that this part of their brand is front and center in their brand videos makes it feel more authentic, instead of it coming across as a ploy to be trendy.

What We Can Learn

If you think about the average lingerie commercial, what’s the main message? The majority of the time, it will be telling women how sexy they can be and how appealing their significant other will find them.

This is something that women are told all the time: Here’s how you can be attractive to everyone else.

ThirdLove’s video campaigns fully embraced their brand, which focused on comfort and how the customer felt instead of how it made others feel. Their videos focus in on their true target audience (the women) and not their secondary audience (the significant others of the women). It seems obvious, but it’s a niche that ThirdLove was able to carve out for themselves in an authentic way.

See how you can do this for your audience, delivering an authentic but powerful message that’s unique to you and to them. Create a series of campaigns with a strong emotional component (this one was focused on empowerment), and use the momentum from the campaigns to attract new customers.

Ana Gotter is a business writer specializing in social media and content marketing, though she writes on a variety of other niches and subjects. She can be contacted at

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